Innovative Android Ransomware “DoubleLocker” Encrypts data and changes the Device PIN

Security researchers from ESET spotted a new Android ransomware DoubleLocker which encrypts all the files on your device and also it changes the device PIN and set to random value. It is the first ever ransomware that misusing Android accessibility...
Locky Ransomware

Everything you Need to Know About The Evolution of Locky Ransomware

The onset of Locky Ransomware campaign was thought to be evolutionary, but around the clock the campaign has grown to be revolutionary. We had been monitoring and sharing Locky campaign updates since last month till date. It was observed that almost...

Beware!! Dangerous Locky Ransomware Spreading Via Dropbox Link and Compromise Your PC

Nowadays Trending Dangerous Ransomware "Locky" Discovered that used to spreading via Malicious Email Spam campaign with attached malicious JavaScript (.js) that links to fake Dropbox pages. The Locky Ransomware re-emerging continuously day by day with new email distribution campaign and its has...
Locky Ransomware

Massive Locky Ransomware Campaign Over 23 Million Messages sent in 24 hours

Locky Ransomware has a piece of a history of going silent and growing back all of a sudden.Security experts at Appriver detected this new campaign. In span of 24 hours over 23 million messages sent out in the attack, which...
Ransomware Attack

Beware: New “Defray” Ransomware Attack Spreading Via Microsoft Word Document

A New Emerging  Ransomware Attack called "Defray" Distributing through Microsoft Word Document and send it through Phishing Email Campaign. According to this  Defray Ransomware functionality and communication, potentially targeting Healthcare and Education industries. Defray Ransomware mainly Targeting geographic location is  UK and US...


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