Friday, December 1, 2023

Yamaha Ransomware Attack: Employees Personal Information Exposed

A ransomware attack targeted Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., resulting in a partial disclosure of the personal information maintained by the company.Notably, a third party...
Ransomware Gang SEC Complaint

Ransomware Gang Files an SEC Complaint for Victim Not Disclosing Data Breach

Alphv Ransomware gang filed an SEC complaint against MeridianLink for not disclosing a data breach.BlackCat, also known as ALPHV, BlackCat operates on the ransomware...

Toyota Financial Hack Claimed by Medusa Ransomware

The biggest manufacturer of automobiles, Toyota, has discovered unauthorized activity on systems in a few of its Europe & African services.The 'Medusa ransomware gang...

SystemBC, a SWISS KNIFE Proxy Malware, Used by Numerous Ransomware Groups

SystemBC (aka Coroxy or DroxiDat) is a multifunctional malware known as Proxy, Bot, Backdoor, and RAT, adapting to attackers' needs. Since 2018, this multifunctional malware...

SysAid IT Service Software 0-day Exploited to Deploy Cl0p Ransomware

SysAid On-Prem software has been reported with a 0-day vulnerability determined during an incident response investigation.According to Microsoft, attackers are exploiting this zero-day vulnerability...

Ransomware Actors Exploiting Legitimate System Tools to Gain Access – FBI

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, causing organizations to lose millions of dollars, restricting them from accessing their data, and possibly disclosing personal information.According to...

SEIKO Cyber Attack: Customers Personal Data Exposed

SEIKO Group Corporation (SGC) has announced that they suffered a cyber attack that exposed customer data. The attack lasted for several months and was ransomware...
AvosLocker Ransomware

Hackers Using Remote Admin Tools To Compromise Organizations With Ransomware

Cybercriminals behind the AvosLocker ransomware attack employed a tactic of infecting organizations through Open-Source Remote Administration Tools.This method allowed the malware to spread...

Qakbot Threat Actors Deliver Knight Ransomware & Remcos Via LNK Files

Qakbot's infrastructure and cryptocurrency assets were seized by government authorities in an operation in August 2023 with the assistance of international allies, raising concerns...

Storm-0324 Abusing Microsoft Teams To Gain Initial Access And Deploy Ransomware

Storm-0324, a financially driven threat actor group, was detected delivering phishing messages using Microsoft Teams.In the past, it has been accused of disseminating phishing...

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