Shrug2 ransomware

A New .NET Ransomware Shrug2 Encrypts Files Around 76 Different Extensions

Malware authors find easy to develop malware using the Microsoft .Net framework, some infamous ransomware like SamSam, Lime and now Shrug2 ransomware have been found built with .NET framework. Shrug ransomware first appeared wild on July 6 embedded with fake...
Princess Evolution

Ransomware-as-a-Service – Princess Evolution Ransomware Advertised in Underground Forums

The new version of Princess Locker ransomware dubbed Princess Evolution advertised in dark web forums as a ransomware as a service (RaaS) and is looking for affiliates. The threat actors behind the new version of ransomware pushing it through affiliate programs...
Hermes Ransomware

Cyber Criminals Launch Hermes Ransomware Via Password Protected Word Documents

Cyber Criminals distributing Hermes Ransomware via dangerous malspam that contains Weaponized Password protected Word documents to encrypt the system files and lock the victim's computer. Hermes Ransomware Attack is wide spreading Ransomware nowadays with newly updated futures under constant development to target...
Navi Mumbai Hospital

Hackers Compromised Navi Mumbai Hospital Computers Sytems With Ransomware

Ransomware attack hits computer systems of Navi Mumbai Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital. The attack came into light on Sunday when a receptionist switched on her computer. As soon as they noticed the attack, the hospital authorities tried to disconnect other...
Magniber Ransomware

Magniber Ransomware Improves Its Obfuscation Techniques and Expands to Other Asian Countries

Magniber ransomware emerges again leveraging various obfuscation techniques and with refined source codes. The most famous and long-running browser exploitation toolkit Magnitude delivering Magniber ransomware, and the toolkit primarily uses Zero-day remote code execution vulnerability allows an attacker could...


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