Microsoft Control Folder Access to Prevent Data From Ransomware

Microsoft Introduced a Control Folder Access to Prevent Data From Ransomware and...

Microsoft Windows OS facing Many Cyber Attacks in past few Month Especially  Wannacry and Petya caused many damages around the globe. Finally, Microsoft announced ...
Ryuk Ransomware

Ryuk Ransomware Operators Employ Powershell Commands to Deploy Ransomware

Recently, cybersecurity experts have claimed that the operators of Ryuk Ransomware are targeting severe infrastructures to extort high ransom from their victims.
RYUK Ransomware

Hackers Demand $5.3 Million After Locking Massachusetts City Computers With RYUK Ransomware

Cybercriminals compromise the New Bedford, Massachusetts city computers with the Ryuk Ransomware and demanding $5.3 million to unlock the compromised computers.

Cyber Security Firm Checkpoint Software Found Two New Ransomware Families And Built Their Decryptors

Attacks are more successful when effective countermeasures are not in place.  Security firms are consistently developing and releasing anti-ransomware applications and decryption tools in...
Exploit Kit

Hackers Launching GandCrab Ransomware via New Fallout Exploit Kit using Malvertising Campaign

Cybercriminals now using new Fallout Exploit Kit for launching GandCrab Ransomware via Malvertising Campaign that targets many victims around the world. This malvertising campaign mainly...


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