GandCrab Ransomware Attack

New Version of GandCrab Ransomware Attack via Compromised Websites using SMB Exploit Spreader

The new version of GandCrab ransomware discovered that attack the target system using SMB exploit spreader through compromised websites that posed as a download site. GandCrab...
Rakhni Ransomware

Hackers Distributing Malicious PDF that Perform both Ransomware and Crypto-Mining Attack

A newly discovered malicious PDF sample distributing Rakhni ransomware family and hackers now added new crypto-mining capabilities to infect victims to perform both operations based...
SamSam Ransomware Attack

New Version of SamSam Ransomware Attack Targeted Victims with Sophisticated Evasion Techniques

A new version of the SamSam Ransomware Attack targeting the specific victims that selected by the Malware author and it contains a variety of unique...
MysteryBot Trojan

MysteryBot – Powerful Android Banking Trojan Launch Keylogger, Overlay & Ransomware in Single Attack

Newly Discovered Android-based MysteryBot Trojan launches various attack such as overlay, keylogger, and Ransomware in a single attack to perform various malicious activities. Based on...
Sigma Ransomware

Massive Sigma Ransomware Attack From Russia-Based IPs and Lock the Victims Computers

Newly discovered Sigma Ransomware spreading from Russia-based IP's with the variety of social engineering techniques to compromise victims and lock the infected computer. Users Targeting via...


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