SamSam Ransomware

Targeted SamSam Ransomware Attacks Continues to Breaking & Lock 67 Different Organizations Network

Cybercriminals group behind the SamSam Ransomware continuously targeting various organizations network which is located in different countries in order to encrypt the sensitive data. This is one of the ransomware which is highly active in 2018 to break down the...
Six Years

Hacker Who Compromised Hundreds of Millions of Computers Sentenced to More than Six Years

A top-level hacker from Russian crime group jailed for hacking into hundreds of millions of computers and locking them with ransomware and demands a ransom to unlock it. According to the National Crime Agency...
Bad Rabbit

Beware : Mass Ransomware Cyber Attack with “Bad Rabbit” Ransomware Hitting Many Government &...

A New ransomware family called  "Bad Rabbit" rapidly spreading across the Eastern European countries affecting government and private agencies including Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria,  and Turkey. Bad Rabbit is a previously unknown ransomware family and it is distributing mostly via drive-by attacks...
Magniber Ransomware

Magniber Ransomware Improves Its Obfuscation Techniques and Expands to Other Asian Countries

Magniber ransomware emerges again leveraging various obfuscation techniques and with refined source codes. The most famous and long-running browser exploitation toolkit Magnitude delivering Magniber ransomware, and the toolkit primarily uses Zero-day remote code execution vulnerability allows an attacker could...

Hackers Launching Ransomware and CryptoMiner via Love_You MalSpam Campaign

The worst alliance of Ransomware and the CryptoMiner family in a spread spree, early January 2019. Malware Spam or MalSpam is the term used to designate malware that is delivered via email messages.


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