SynAck Ransomware

SynAck Ransomware Attack Using Sophisticated Process Doppelgänging Technique to Bypass the AV Detection

Newly Emerging SynAck Ransomware using a sophisticated technique called Process Doppelgänging to bypass various modern security solutions. SynAck is the first Ransomware using this modern Anti-analysis and...
Dharma Ransomware

Dangerous Dharma Ransomware Attack Emerged Again in Wide with New Variant & Extension

Re-emerging Dharma Ransomware distributed with new variant that developed to attack various organisation and individual systems and encrypting the victim files to demand the...
BlackRouter ransomware

New Ransomware Called “BlackRouter” Attack launched through Well-known Legitimate Remote Desktop Tool

Newly discovered BlackRouter ransomware propagating thorough Well-known remote desktop tool called AnyDesk along with malicious Payload. AnyDesk is widely used Remote Desktop Tool similar to...
SamSam Ransomware

New SamSam Ransomware Attack Around the World by Exploiting Organization Network Vulnerabilities

SamSam Ransomware newly evolved with improved sophisticated capabilities and carefully selected the specific organizations such as hospitals, schools, and government sectors those who most...
Ransomware Attacks

U.S Public School Pays $10,000 to Hackers For Ransomware Attack and Waiting for Unlock...

Hackers infiltrated Massachusetts school district Leominster school computer system earlier this month and locked down the computer system asking for $10,000 ransom to be...


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