Exploit Kit

52,000 Dangerous Command & Control Servers Take Down that Spreading Malware: It Performs 2M...

Around 52,000 Malicious Command & Control Severs has been taken down that continuously spreading Malware under well-documented infection chain called EITest. EITest is a Sophisticated...
Popup Ads

Pop-up Ads & Hundreds of Websites Helping to Distribute Botnets, Cryptocurrency Miners and Ransomware

A Malicious Software Downloader called ICLoader through Popup Ads and over hundreds of websites are pushing various PUA such as Botnets, cryptocurrency Miners and also a...
Ransomware Family

3 Dangerous Ransomware Families Author Arrested in Poland and Seized the All Decryption keys

Authors of the 3 critical Ransomware Family Polski, Vortex, and Flotera has been arrested in Poland and authorities Seized their computer equipment including the...
SamSam Ransomware

Attackers profited more than $300,000 with new SamSam Ransomware Campaign

SamSam Ransomware campaign evolution continues and this time a new variant but there is no difference in the encryption mechanism when compared to old...
RaaS portal

Ransomware-as-a-Service – New Saturn Ransomware Available to Anyone For Free

Now any anyone can become a distributor of newly identified Saturn ransomware through the Ransomware as a Service affiliate program. To become a distributor...


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