Ransomware Attack

Beware: New “Defray” Ransomware Attack Spreading Via Microsoft Word Document

A New Emerging  Ransomware Attack called "Defray" Distributing through Microsoft Word Document and send it through Phishing Email Campaign. According to this  Defray Ransomware functionality and...
Ransomware Creator

Now Any One Can Create Ransomware With No Coding Skills

A new Trojan Development Kits (TDKs) introduced by Chinese malware developers doesn't require any coding skills to build your own Ransomware. You can generate...
Mamba Ransomware

Mamba Ransomware is Back to Form and Resumed Attacks Against corporate Networks

A Mamba Ransomware that was badly infected the San Francisco Train System On Nov 2016, now Mamba is again back to form that resumed...
Cerber Ransomware Comes again to Steal browser Passwords

Cerber Ransomware Comes again to Steal Passwords from Browsers and Crypto Wallets

Cerber ransomware which gained popularity and evolved one of the fast growing ransomware families that infiltrate the system and encrypts various file types including...
Mobile Ransomware LeakerLocker

Mobile Ransomware “LeakerLocker” Found in Play store Apps that Encrypt and Send Personal Data...

Mobile Ransomware called "LeakerLocker" found in 3 Google Play store Applications that encrypt the Victims Personal information such as Contact List that send it...


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