Another ransomware in a Week | Cerber 5.0

Ransomware is a computer malware that installs covertly on a victim's computer, executes a cryptovirology attack that adversely affects system, which prevents or limits users from accessing their system, and demands a ransom payment to decrypt it or not...

Locky Ransomware spreading through Facebook Messenger Via SVG File

SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) send by your friend may have Locky Ransomwares, avoid clicking it. By appending the Ransomware to an image file can Bypass Facebook security framework pretending to be an image file. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): SVG is an XML-based vector image...

Fantom Ransomware

Fantom, a new ransomware discovered recently, strikes disguised as a legitimate Microsoft Windows update. Thus it tricks users into downloading it, thereby paving the way for data breach… Malware researcher Jakub Kroustek of security firm AVG has discovered this rather...


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