Google strengthen it's defence against Ransomware to Attack Android

Google strengthen it’s defence against Ransomware to Attack Android

Ransomware for Android, or any mobile platform, have been generally uncommon.The risk has fundamentally been kept to Windows desktops, where it's flourished with a fast improvement cycles of new elements and capacities. At the current Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit,...

Fantom Ransomware

Fantom, a new ransomware discovered recently, strikes disguised as a legitimate Microsoft Windows update. Thus it tricks users into downloading it, thereby paving the way for data breach… Malware researcher Jakub Kroustek of security firm AVG has discovered this rather...
force victim to speak unlock code

Humorous Android ransomware force victim to speak unlock code

Android Malware which has admirable listening quality,  force victim to speak unlock code. The latest variant of the Android ransomware named Android.Lockdroid.E is a great listener and it was identified by Symantec security team. The threat utilizes speech acknowledgment APIs and...

Ranion Ransomware-as-a-Service launched on the Dark Web for ‘Educational Purposes’

A  Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) gateway that as of late propelled on the Dark Web is hawking access to a completely working ransomware dispersion organize at to a great degree low costs. Called Ranion, this new RaaS administration was found by Radware...
Ransomware JAFF Back in action

Ransomware Back in Action-JAFF Distributed using malicious PDF documents

Ransomware JAFF Back in action this late April, circulating through malicious PDF files.Necurs, one of the biggest botnets, went disconnected amid the occasion time of 2016 and from May 11, Necurs began spreading another ransomware called JAFF. Check Point’s global...


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