Malicious Chrome Extensions

Four Malicious Chrome Extensions Impacted More than Half a Million Users

Security researchers from Cybersecurity firm ICEBRG detected four malicious chrome extensions that impacted more than half a million people. The initial investigation started after they noticed an unusual traffic flow in one of their client workstation, it appears like attackers...

Fourth Fappening – Hacker Pleads Guilty to Hacking into iCloud accounts of Celebrities

Fourth Fappening Hacker George Garofano,26 plead guilty in Federal court for computer hacking offense and the 26-year-old is going to face a maximum sentence of five years in Federal prison. He conducted a Spear Phishing attack to obtain the username...
lenovo backdoor

Lenovo Discovered a Backdoor in Network Switches Which Allows Attacker Could Perform DDOS

Lenovo discovered a backdoor in network switches that powered by Enterprise Network Operating System firmware during the security audit by Lenovo in the Telnet and Serial Console management interfaces. An Authentication bypass mechanism Backdoor also called "HP Backdoor" was discovered...
Encrypted traffic

Cisco ETA – Provides Solution for Detecting Malware in Encrypted Traffic

Encrypted traffic is one of the biggest challenges in the security Industry and now Cisco comes with a solution for it. Cisco ETA was announced in the last June and now it came for general availability. Cisco ETA inspects the...
Intel AMT

Intel AMT Security Issue allows Local Attacker to get Complete Control Over any Laptop

Security researchers identified a significant security flaw with Intel AMT(Active Management Technology) utilized for remote monitoring and maintenance in corporate workplaces and it can be found in Intel vPro-enabled processors. The flaw allows attackers to gain remote access to your...


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