iPhone X Face ID

How Hackers Cracked into iPhone X Face ID with 3D Printing Mask

The iPhone X Face ID which allows you to safely unlock your phone and the same can be used during app purchases also. AI...
cryptocurrency mining campaign 1

Cybercriminals Exploit PHP Weathermap Vulnerability to Install Cryptocurrency Miner on Linux Servers

An active cryptocurrency mining campaign targeting Linux servers via PHP Weathermap Vulnerability to deploy cryptocurrency mining malware. The campaign uses an outdated security flaw...

Quad9 – Free DNS Platform to Protect Users From Malware and Phishing Sites

Quad9 a free DNS security solution that uses to protect users against most common cyber threats and their privacy. It keeps blocking you against known...
Foxit PDF reader

Multiple Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in Foxit PDF Reader Affected and Earlier Versions

Multiple vulnerabilities reported in the Foxit PDF reader allows an attacker to execute the arbitrary code on the user's system and obtain sensitive information....
VPN Extensions leak

70% Of Chrome VPN Extensions Leak Your DNS Requests

Popular chrome VPN Extensions leak customers DNS requests that made through Google Chrome DNS Prefetching feature which use to resolve the domains names before...


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