Microsoft Released Security Update

Microsoft Released Security Updates & Fixed 49 Vulnerabilities that Affected Microsoft Products

Microsoft released security update under patch Tuesday that affected many of its products along with certain critical Windows zero-day flaw. There are 3 Zero-day vulnerability...
WiFiManager Software

D-Link Security Updates Fixed Multiple Vulnerabilities in WiFiManager Software

D-Link Security Updates fixed vulnerabilities with Central WiFiManager Software Controller that allows an attacker to execute the code remotely with system permissions. The vulnerabilities were...
Cisco released security updates

Cisco Released Security Updates & Fixed 37 Vulnerabilities that Affected Cisco Products

Cisco released security updates for its products that affected by 36 different Vulnerabilities and some of the critical flaws leads attacker run arbitrary code...
Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi Alliance Announced Simple Name Usage Starting from Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi Alliance announced the new naming approach to making users easy to understand and discarded the 802.11 naming method. The Wi-Fi Alliance introduced...
86 Vulnerabilities

86 Vulnerabilities Fixed with Adobe Security Updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe releases the security updates that covers 86 Vulnerabilities, out of them 47 categorized as critical and 37 classified as important. The released security updates...


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