pirate bay down

Pirate Bay Down – Most Popular Torrent Site is Down – 2018

It is not just you, the pirate bay down for more than 9 hours for everyone and the fans reported issues in accessing the most popular torrent site. Pirate Bay is the favorite site for millions of people around the...

Summit – New Most Powerful & Fastest Supercomputer on the Planet Designed by IBM

New World's fastest and powerful Supercomputer "Summit" designed by IBM & NVIDIA  which is twice bigger and faster than a current biggest supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight. Now Sunway TaihuLight replaced by Summit and it will initial uses will include areas of astrophysics,...
Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung Fined for Reducing the Functionality of Some Old SmartPhones

As a result of a very long investigation, the Italian Competition Authority AGCM fined Samsung 5 million and Apple 10 million euros for contested practices. According to ACGM, both the companies released firmware updates for mobile phones that cause serious...


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