Google Trust Services

Google switches to own Root Certificate Authority “Google Trust Services”

Google is switching to its own Root Certificate Authority for issuing its own TLS/SSL certificates for securing its web traffic via HTTPS, and not rely on intermediaries, as it was so for. In the past years, Google has used certificates...
Browser Autofill Feature Poses Security Risks

Browser Autofill Feature Poses Security Risks

Browser Autofill feature helps you to save your credentials like call, email, address, cellphone quantity, etc. so you don’t have to fill it manually time and again.Tragically, it's helpful for attackers, as well. Despite that maximum users see Autofill feature as a...

Curious about what Facebook thinks about your photos – Checkout the Live Demonstration

From April 2016, Facebook has automatically adding alt tags to pictures you transfer that are populated with catchphrases speaking about your pictures: “<img csrc="" alt="Image may contain: golf, grass, outside and nature" width="316" height="237"> “ They are naming your pictures utilizing...

Interesting to See How Google Recognize Traffic Condition

Google recognize traffic Condition based on different sources starting from traffic sensors, algorithm on historical data and presently with the assistance of Crowd-sourcing, Google made a fine judgment of activity. Google assemble live information from the crowd. Every one of those people...
Gmail no longer for Windows XP and Windows Vista

Gmail no longer for Windows XP and Windows Vista Users on Chrome

Beginning February 8, 2017, Google will demonstrate a flag at the top point of the Gmail interface for clients who are still on Google Chrome Browser v53 and underneath to urge upgrading up to the most recent adaptation of...


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