Network Adapter Priorities | Windows

Network Adapter : Network adapter is nothing but an component associated with the Computer's/Laptop Internal's hardware which is used to communicate with other computers/appliances over the...

Curious about what Facebook thinks about your photos – Checkout the Live Demonstration

From April 2016, Facebook has automatically adding alt tags to pictures you transfer that are populated with catchphrases speaking about your pictures: “<img csrc="" alt="Image...

WhatsApp iPhone Users Can Queue Messages Without Internet and More

WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update which included many needed features for users. Recent update includes extended the sharing limit of WhatsApp photo...

Here’s how non-secure web will feel in Chrome’s secure-by-default future

Recently Google announces some changes to Chrome, which begins from January 2017 with (Chrome 56). Chrome currently indicates HTTP connections with a indifferent indicator. Which doesn’t reflect true...
Remove from the Internet

DELETE Yourself from Internet Almost all Traces with a Mouse Click

Outlined by two Swedish developers, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck, the site says it helps you 'Clean up your reality' by gathering every all...


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