Gmail Blocks Javascript Attachments for Security Reasons

Gmail will block you from attaching Javascript files as Google hopes to extend the steadily developing security of their services. Gmail already blocks the attachment of certain file types in emails for this very same reason, and those with the...

WhatsApp iPhone Users Can Queue Messages Without Internet and More

WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update which included many needed features for users. Recent update includes extended the sharing limit of WhatsApp photo and video to 30 at a time. An overhauled and more valuable Storage Usage screen, and...
Firefox 51 turns on Insecure Warning on HTTP Pages

Firefox 51 turns on Insecure Warning on HTTP Pages

The greatest redesign to the Firefox UI is the expansion of another marker for HTTP pages with secret key fields. Previously, Mozilla has made arrangements for the Firefox program to show an insecure warning cautioning for HTTP sites/pages that have...

Russia Demands Google and Apple to Remove Linkedin From Local App stores

The New York Times reports that Russia has forced Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn mobile app from their Russian application markets, the latest chapter in a months-long campaign against the professional networking site. In a week ago, China...

Hacker disclosed GitHub secret key hunter – TruffleHog

  A tool for finding secret keys with varying cryptographic strength in github repositories is published by Dylan Ayrey. The tool, named as TruffleHog, can search for and find keys containing high-entropy strings by digging deep into commit history and branches, as per developer TruffleHog's search...


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