Wednesday, April 24, 2024

OWSAP TOP 10 – 2017 out for public comments

OWSAP presented Release Candidate for Top 10 2017 which add's two new vulnerabilities categories.Insufficient Attack Detection and Prevention.Underprotected APIs.Changes with 2017They have combined (A4)Insecure...

Top 5 hackers Groups that made the Invisible Internet as a Background

Internet surfaced as the new and boundless battleground in 2016. The previous year has seen a standout among the most wrecking cyberattacks that influenced...

Top 10 Cities | Countries in the World for Total Bot Population

Bot Population ;  As per the data published by Symantec  the most bot-infected cities and countries across the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa...

Top 10 IT Skills for 2016

IT job seekers, on the other hand, are sitting pretty heading into 2016, Reed says, because salaries rise when demand for talent exceeds the...

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