Dangerous Android Banking Trojan Control Mobile Devices and Steals Confidential Bank Customers Information

New Banking Trojan Discovered that named Android.BankBot.211.Origin controls the Mobile Devices and steals confidential bank customer information by using accessibility  services. This Banking Trojan forced Victims to grant the access to install into their Mobile and it Distributed through Well...

User Clicks to Download Dangerous Malware By New Android Trojan “Mimics” – Beware

A new Android malicious app imitating Adobe Flash Player that serves as a potential entrance for many types of dangerous malware. According To the ESET security software which detected the "mimics" Malware  " Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI " And tricks  its victims into granting it...
MnuBot malware

MnuBot – New Banking Trojan Take Browsers Screenshots, Keylogging to Steal Bank Data

Newly discovered banking Trojan named MnuBot malware spreading to steal the sensitive bank related information such as login credentials through taking the screenshot of the browser window and set the keylogger in victims machine. MnuBot malware using  Microsoft SQL Server as...

Banking Trojan “Faketoken” Monitor and Record the Phone Calls and other Sensitive Informations

A Banking Trojan called  "Faketoken" Evolving with much more capabilities from Earlier Version that can steal the sensitive information and ability to Monitor and record the phone calls conversations that send it across the network. An overlying Mechanism used around...

Trojans Stealing Money From User Accounts Using WAP-billing mobile payment

WAP-billing Trojans in raise from the second Quater of 2017 and they are targeting users from India and Russia, seems these Trojans were developed at the end of 2016 and at the beginning of 2017. These Trojans distributed like more...


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