Five new malware programs are discovered every second

A new report from the respected independent testing agency reveals some scary-sounding facts about the state of malware today. According to, it has 578,702,687 malware samples in its testing database – with over 115 million discovered so far...

Dangerous Android Banking Trojan Control Mobile Devices and Steals Confidential Bank Customers Information

New Banking Trojan Discovered that named Android.BankBot.211.Origin controls the Mobile Devices and steals confidential bank customer information by using accessibility  services. This Banking Trojan forced Victims to grant the access to install into their Mobile and it Distributed through Well...
Trojan found Pre-installed On Cheap Android Smartphones

Trojan found Pre-installed On Cheap Android Smartphones

Security researchers from Dr.web found Trojan preinstalled on several mobile devices, along with Leagoo M5 Plus, Leagoo M8, Nomu S10, and Nomu S20. Android.Triada families use to embed in system libraries that used in launching applications on mobile devices. Android.Triada.231...
Banking Trojan "Trickbot" Necurs Targeting US Financial Institutions

Banking Trojan “Trickbot” Powered by Necurs Targeting Financial Institutions

Security experts from Flashpoint observed spam campaigns targeting US financial sectors Trickbot banking Trojan targeting financial sector. Trickbot which is capable of launching MitB attacks originated in the middle of 2016 and it targets financial institutions outside of US. From July...

Malcrafted Microsoft Publisher files(PUB) Delivering backdoor Torjan?

Spam wave dropping trapped  PUB file spotted by security experts at Bitdefender. These PUB file deliver a backdoor which is capable of setting sensitive information's from corporate information. When the victim opens the file PUB file it triggers a VBscript and downloads...


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