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VMware Vulnerabilitie

Critical VMware Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code

VMware Workstation, Workstation Pro, and Fusion have been subjected to several privately reported and fixed flaws. VMware has published a security advisory on the...

Lynis – Open Source Security Auditing & Pentesting Tool – 2023

Lynis is an open source security auditing tool. Its main goal is to audit and harden Unix and Linux based systems. It scans the...
FabriXss Vulnerability

Super FabriXss Vulnerability in Microsoft Azure SFX Leads to Unauthenticated RCE

New information has surfaced regarding a security flaw patched by Microsoft in Azure Service Fabric Explorer (SFX). The vulnerability had the potential to result...
Hackers Exploit ProxyShell Flaws

Hackers Exploit ProxyShell Flaws to Deploy ProxyShellMiner on Exchange Server

ProxyShellMiner is being distributed to Windows endpoints by a very elusive malware operation, according to Morphisec.To generate income for the attackers, "ProxyShellMiner" deploys cryptocurrency...
Exploit FortiOS Zero-Day

Chinese Hackers Exploit FortiOS Zero-Day Vulnerability to Deploy New Malware

Mandiant recently reported that a group of hackers originating from China utilized a vulnerability within FortiOS SSL-VPN that had only recently been discovered, and...

Common Browser Security Vulnerabilities Used By Hackers To Take Over Browser

While using web browsers, there are security threats that, if not careful, can allow cybercriminals to take over the browser and steal information.To ensure...
Unpatched ProxyNotShell

Over 60,000 Online Exchange Servers Unpatched for RCE Vulnerability ProxyNotShell

One of the two security flaws targeted by ProxyNotShell exploits, CVE-2022-41082 RCE vulnerability, has not been patched on more than 60,000 Microsoft Exchange servers,...
Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home Smart Speaker Flaw Let Attackers Spy on User Conversations

The Google Home smart speaker was hacked recently by a security analyst (Matt Kunze) who found that there is a flaw that could allow...
Linux Flaw Let Attackers Gain Full Root Privilege

A New Linux Flaw Lets Attackers Gain Full Root Privilege

The Threat Research Unit at Qualys’ has revealed how a new Linux flaw tracked as (CVE-2022-3328),  may be combined with two other, seemingly insignificant...
Remote Code Execution Bug in F5

High-Severity RCE Bug in F5 Products Let Attackers Hack the Complete Systems

Experts from Rapid7 observed a customized CentOS installation operating on F5 BIG-IP and BIG-IQ devices found to have various vulnerabilities. While the other flaws are...

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