JSRAT – Secret Command and Control Channel Backdoor to Control Victims Machine Using JavaScript

JsRat is python based script developed to backdoor victim machine using JavaScript payloads and the HTTP protocol for communication between the server and the target hosts. Here I have used Kali Linux(Attacker Machine) and Victim Machine (Windows 10) Installation & Setup :- ...
Cisco Torch

Cisco-Torch – Mass scanning, Fingerprinting and Exploitation Tool

Cisco Torch mass scanning, fingerprinting, and exploitation tool was written while working on the next edition of the “Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks”, since the tools available on the market could not meet our needs. The main feature that makes Cisco-torch...
Email spoofing Tool

Email Spoofing Tool to Detect Open Relay Configured Public Mail Servers

Cybercriminals using Email spoofing methods to deliver forged emails to recipients. the email servers that are available publically available can be used for Email spoofing attack. With GBHackers Email spoofing Tool you can test that your server configured with...

BOVSTT – Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Services Tester Tool

BOVSTT is to detect the existence of remote/local stack-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities using the standard communication protocol for each service. Overview The application allows to customize the testing mechanism of each service through templates, these templates are simply plain text files,...
DOS attack

Inviteflood- Tool Used to Perform DOS Attack on VOIP Network

Inviteflood is a tool to perform SIP/SDP INVITE message flooding over UDP/IP to perform DOS Attack. This tool can be utilized to flood a target with INVITE Request Messages. As long the tool continues flooding the PBX it will prevent clients from...

Artificial Intelligence for Security Operations


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