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QualPwn – Vulnerabilities in Qualcomm chips Allows Attackers to Compromise Android Devices Remotely

QualPwn, critical vulnerabilities in Qualcomm chips, that allows attackers to compromise Android device remotely over-the-air. The flaw resides in the Qualcomm's Snapdragon WLAN component.The...

Be aware Smarties – 40% of iOS and Android apps are Vulnerable to Hack

We all love to download new applications, especially when something - a game or any other app, like Faceapp - got the limelight or...
free Android antivirus apps

Critical Vulnerabilities in Free Android Antivirus Apps Let Attackers to Steal Address Books and...

Serious security flaws found in free Android antivirus apps expose user's address book and also let the attackers disable antivirus protection completely. Even a...
VMware Security Vulnerabilities

VMware Security Vulnerabilities Leads to Code Execution and Cause DoS Condition

Vmware fixed multiple security vulnerabilities that may lead to code execution, information disclosure and DoS condition with normal user privileges.Products AffectedVMware vSphere ESXi (ESXi)VMware...
Vulnerability in Apple iMessage Let Hackers Remotely Read Files in iPhone – PoC Released

Vulnerability in Apple iMessage Let Hackers Remotely Read Files in iPhone – PoC Released

Researchers from Google project Zero disclosed critical bugs that reside in iMessages that allows attackers to read local files in iPhone without any form...

11 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Found in VxWorks RTOS – 2 Billion Devices are Vulnerable...

Researchers discovered 11 zero-day vulnerabilities dubbed “URGENT/11”  in the most widely used operating system VxWorks, a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) family.VxWorks is Developed as...
BlueKeep Vulnerability Scanner

Linux Botnet WatchBog adds BlueKeep Vulnerability Scanner Module to List Vulnerable RDP Systems

The new variant of Linux botnet WatchBog adds BlueKeep Vulnerability Scanner module to prepare a list of vulnerable windows RDP servers. The hackers behind...

File Copy Vulnerability With ProFTPD puts Over 1 Million Servers at Risk

File copy vulnerability in ProFTPD server allows an anonymous remote attacker to execute the code in vulnerable machine results in remote code execution and...
VLC Media Player

Critical Vulnerability in VLC Media Player Let Hackers to Execute Arbitrary Code

Critical Vulnerability Found in the current version of VLC Media Player let hackers execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable machine. German Cybersecurity agency, CERT-Bund,...
Windows Defender Application

Vulnerability in Windows Defender Application Control Let Hackers Bypass It’s Security Feature

Microsoft released a new security update for the vulnerability that affected Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) that allows a local attacker to bypass the...

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