Monday, March 4, 2024

Adobe Released Security Updates & Fixes for 112 Vulnerabilities that Affected Adobe Products

Adobe security updates released that cover the updates for Adobe Flash Player, Experience Manager, Connect, Adobe Acrobat, and Reader.Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe released updates for...

Intel Paid $100,000 Reward to Researchers who Discovered Spectre 1.1, 1.2 CPU Level Vulnerability

Intel rewarded $100,000 for two security researchers to find the CPU Spectre level critical vulnerability which leads to leak confidential information through microarchitectural side...

Microsoft Released Security Updates for July and Fixed 53 Security Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Security Updates released for July 2018 under Patch Tuesday with fixes of 53 security vulnerabilities for 15 different Microsoft Product.Microsoft releases Windows 10...

HNS IoT Botnet Scanning & Exploits the Routers to Compromise the Victims Networks

HNS(Hide & Seek) IoT botnet attack victims network using router-based vulnerabilities such as  CVE-2016-10401 to propagate malicious code and steal the victim's sensitive information.HNS communication...

Three Critical Attack Flaw Discover Against LTE Networks Standard that Hijack Network Connections

Researchers uncovered three novel attack Flaw in LTE (4G) network data link layer that allows hackers to perform a different level of attacks in...

Russia Launch Heavy Cyber Attack on Singapore During Donald Trump & Kim Summit

Russia launches a rapid cyber attack on Singapore during President Donald Trump met with North Korean President Kim Jong-un in a Singapore hotel.Cyber attacks...

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Break into your Locked Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability that patched by Microsoft allows attackers to execute malicious code on the locked computer and gain access to the locked device...

OnePlus 6 Bootloader Vulnerability Could allows Booting any Image even the Bootloader is Locked

A critical OnePlus 6 vulnerability discovered that could allow booting the phone with a modified image and can get administrator privileges even if the...

Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript

New Zero-day Remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript that allows an attacker to run the arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Microsoft Windows.Remote...

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link Routers Allows Hackers Gain Complete Control & Extract Sensitive Data

Set of 4 Vulnerabilities are discovered in D-Link DIR-620 firmware that allows an attacker to exploit with the hardcoded default credentials to gain high...

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