OWASP top 10 challenges

OWASP top 10 Challenges 2020 – Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

OWASP is an online community that deals with different security challenges and OWASP stands for the "Open Web Application Security Project." So,...
Zoom URL Flaw

A New Zoom URL Flaw Let Hackers Mimic Organization’s Invitation Link

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software across the globe that are used by individuals across the globe to work from and...

Ripple20 – 19 zero-day vulnerabilities Affects Billions of IoT Devices

A series of 19 different security vulnerabilities discovered dubbed Ripple20 affecting hundreds of millions of IoT devices. By...
D-Link wireless

6 New Vulnerabilities with D-Link Home Routers Let Hackers to Launch Remote Attacks

Security researchers from Palo Alto Networks discovered new six vulnerabilities with D-Link wireless home router let attackers launch remote attacks.
Vulnerability Assessment

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment – A Detailed Guide

We all know that vulnerability assessment is very important nowadays, and that's why most of the companies use this assessment. Whether the...


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