2 Million Network Storage Devices From WD, SeaGate, NetGear Affected by Unpatched Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Critical vulnerabilities discovered in various NAS Devices such as WD My Book, NetGear Stora, Seagate Home, Medion LifeCloud NAS allows attackers to exploit it remotely without any user interaction. Network Storage Systems (NAS) devices are very essential for small and Medium...
LIVE555 Streaming Media

Critical Code Execution Vulnerability Found in Libraries Used By VLC and Other Media Players

A critical code execution vulnerability identified in LIVE555 Streaming Media RTSP Server library used by VLC and other media players. The vulnerability exists in the HTTP packet-parsing functionality of LIVE555 RTSP Server library, an attacker can send a crafted malicious...
Java Usage Tracker

Java Usage Tracker Critical Flaw Enable Hackers to Inject Arbitrary Files on Windows Systems

Newly discovered critical vulnerabilities in Java Usage Tracker allows the attacker to run arbitrary files in a vulnerable windows machine and escalate local privileges to access sensitive information. It also let attackers allow to access the resources that are normally...

Tumblr Fixes Critical Security Bug That Exposes User Account Details

Tumblr Fixes a security bug with its desktop version that allows an attacker to steal the user's personal information. The bug appears to be in the “Recommended Blogs” section with the desktop version of the Tumblr. The future is available...
DOM-based XSS

DOM-based XSS Vulnerability Affected 685 Million Users of Tinder, Shopify, Western Union, and Imgur

Security researchers from VPNMentor detected multiple client-side vulnerabilities that allow hacker's to access users’ profiles and details. DOM-based XSS also called as type-0 XSS, this vulnerability allows an attacker to craft a malicious URL and if the URL visited by...


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