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macOS Zero-day Flaw Allow Hackers to Bypass Kernel Protection by Invisible Mouse Click Attack

A Presentation that was demonstrated during the Def Con 2018 regarding the Zero-day vulnerability that discovered in macOS High Sierra OS allows let an attacker access the kernel using invisible mouse clicks. Basically, kernel level access allows gaining unparalleled access to the...
Edge Browser Vulnerability

Microsoft Edge Browser Vulnerability Allows Malicious Hackers Steal Your Computer Local Files

Newly discovered in Microsoft Edge Browser vulnerability allows attackers stealing the computer local files from victims who all are using a vulnerable version of the Edge browser. This Edge Browser Vulnerability exists in the version 17.8600.40445.0 where the researcher tested...
Lynis – Open source security auditing tool

Lynis – Open Source Security Auditing & Pentesting Tool – A Detailed Explanation

Lynis is an open source security auditing tool. Its main goal is to audit and harden Unix and Linux based systems. It scans the system by performing many security control checks. Examples include searching for installed software and determine...

NetSpectre – New Spectre Remote Attack over Network Affected Billions of Devices

Group of Security researchers discovered new Spectre remote attack called NetSpectre over a network connection that affected nearly billion of devices around the world. Previously discovered highly critical vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown have been made a huge impact on IT...

Hackers Distributing FELIXROOT Backdoor Malware using Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities

Newly discovered malware campaign distributing powerful FELIXROOT Backdoor using Microsoft Office Vulnerabilities to compromise the victim's windows computers. FELIXROOT backdoor campaign initially discovered in September 2017 that distributed via malicious Ukrainian bank documents with macro that download the backdoor from...


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