spoofing vulnerability

Unpatched Address Bar Spoofing Flaw in UC Browser Exposes 600M Users to Phishing Attacks

An URL bar address spoofing vulnerability with the latest versions of UC Browser and UC Browser Mini exposes millions of users to...
Vulnerability Assessment

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment – A Detailed Guide

We all know that vulnerability assessment is very important nowadays, and that's why most of the companies use this assessment. Whether the...

File Copy Vulnerability With ProFTPD puts Over 1 Million Servers at Risk

File copy vulnerability in ProFTPD server allows an anonymous remote attacker to execute the code in vulnerable machine results in remote code...

PortSmash – A New Side Channel Vulnerability in SMT/Hyper-Threading That Allows Attackers To Steal...

Researchers discovered a new critical side-channel vulnerability dubbed PortSmash that can allow attackers to steal from other simultaneous process running in the same CPU...
Facebook security breach

Hackers Exploited Facebook Zero-Day Flaw & Stolen 50 Million Accounts Access Tokens

Facebook security breach, hackers steal more than 50 million accounts access tokens by exploiting a bug in View As a feature. The access token contains...


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