Sony smart TVs

Security Vulnerabilities in Sony Smart TVs Expose WiFi Passwords and Stored Images

Security vulnerabilities in Android-based Sony smart TVs allow attackers to access WiFi Passwords and the images stored on the devices.
VLC Player

Critical Vulnerabilities in VLC Player Let Hacker Stream Untrusted Video To Hack Your PC...

Its time for hackers to hack your PC using malformed video file, yes, critical vulnerabilities in VLC media Player let attackers load...

TrueCaller Flaw Let Hackers Access User Data, System and Location Information

Truecaller fixed a security flaw that may expose sensitive user data, location, and system information. The flaw was discovered by an India-based...
Edge Browser Vulnerability

Microsoft Edge Browser Vulnerability Allows Malicious Hackers Steal Your Computer Local Files

Newly discovered in Microsoft Edge Browser vulnerability allows attackers stealing the computer local files from victims who all are using a vulnerable version of...

Critical Code Execution Vulnerability Found in MKVToolNix Tools that Parses MKV Files

A critical code execution vulnerability detected in MKVToolNix utility that used to create, inspect Matroska files(.mkv) on Linux, Windows, and other operating systems. The MKVToolNix...


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