Unpatched Dropbox for Windows Zero-Day Bug Let Hackers get SYSTEM Privileges

A zero-day vulnerability in Dropbox for Windows allows attackers to escalate privileges from simple windows users privilege to the reserved SYSTEM privilege.
Android Security Vulnerability

Critical Android Security Vulnerability Let Remote Attacker Cause Permanent Denial of Service

Google released security updates for Android that deploy fixes for 15 vulnerabilities with severity level critical, high and moderate and another 22...
VPN-tunneled TCP

Critical Linux Vulnerability Let Hackers Hijack VPN-Tunneled TCP Connections

Researchers from the University of New Mexico uncovered a critical Linux vulnerability that affects most of the Linux distros, allows attackĀ Inferring and...
RCS Hacking Attacks

RCS – New Android Text Messaging Service Let Hackers to Take Full Control of...

RCS expanded as Rich Communications Services is the next generation SMS protocol aimed to replace the SMS and MMS services. It was...
Double-free Bug

GIF Processing Vulnerability That Present in WhatsApp Also Affects More Than 28,300 Android Apps

WhatsApp recently patched a vulnerability that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a DoS situation. The vulnerability can be...


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