OnePlus 6 Vulnerability

OnePlus 6 Bootloader Vulnerability Could allows Booting any Image even the Bootloader is Locked

A critical OnePlus 6 vulnerability discovered that could allow booting the phone with a modified image and can get administrator privileges even if the...
Microsoft Windows

Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript

New Zero-day Remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript that allows an attacker to run the arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Microsoft Windows. Remote...

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link Routers Allows Hackers Gain Complete Control & Extract Sensitive Data

Set of 4 Vulnerabilities are discovered in D-Link DIR-620 firmware that allows an attacker to exploit with the hardcoded default credentials to gain high...
ZipperDown vulnerability

100 Million iOS Users Affected by ZipperDown Vulnerability that Existing in Thousands of iOS...

The newly discovered ZipperDown vulnerability may allow an remote code execution on iOS apps. It affects 15,978 out of 168,951 iOS apps (around 10%)...
DrayTek Routers

Hackers Launching Massive Cyber Attack Against 800,000 DrayTek Routers by Exploiting zero-day Vulnerability

The new attack that being launched by cyber criminals against DrayTek Routers where they could  Exploiting zero-day Vulnerability to change DNS settings of routers. Taiwan based...


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