Windows Zero-day

Newly Patched Windows Zero-day Lets Hackers Take Complete Control of the Windows System

Very recently patched Windows zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2019-0859) in win32k.sys let hackers take control of unpatched Windows systems. Security researchers from Kaspersky team recent addressed this Zero-day vulnerability in win32k.sys while it made an attempt...
Internet Explorer Zero-day

Unpatched Internet Explorer Zero-day Vulnerability Lets Attackers Hack Windows PC & Steal Files

Security researcher disclose the new Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability along with Proof-of-concept allows hackers to steal files from Windows computer. Internet Explorer is one of the widely used web browsers developed by Microsoft and...
0patch PRO

0patch PRO – New Micropatch Program Launched for Windows Platform Zero-day Vulnerabilities

ACROS Security announced new Commercial 0patch PRO, a new platform that offers a security Micropatches for Windows platform Zero-day vulnerabilities. 0patch PRO is the first commercial platform in the security industries that offers rapid...

APT Hackers Group Exploiting the Window OS Using New Zero day Vulnerability

Cyber criminals started exploiting the Microsoft windows os using recently discovered win32k zero day vulnerability that was patched by Microsoft recently. A zero-day vulnerability that resides in the win32k.sys allows attackers to exploit...
Google Zero

Google Project Zero Released Apple macOS Unpatched Zero-day Exploit PoC Online – Apple Crossed...

Security Expert from Google Zero Project released a PoC Exploit for Apple macOS kernal zero-day vulnerability that is failed to patch by Apple within 90 days, a deadline of bug disclosure policy followed by Google.


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