Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Discontinued WordPress Plugin Flaw Exposes Websites to Cyber Attacks

A critical vulnerability was discovered in two plugins developed by miniOrange.The affected plugins, miniOrange’s Malware Scanner and Web Application Firewall, contained a severe...

Hacked WordPress Sites Using Visitors’ Browsers For Distributed Brute Force Attacks

Researchers recently uncovered distributed brute force attacks on target WordPress websites using the browsers of innocent site visitors. A recent increase in website hacking that targets...
WordPress Plugin Godzilla

Hackers Exploit WordPress Plugin Flaw to Deploy Godzilla Web Shell

Hackers have been found exploiting a vulnerability in a WordPress Plugin 3DPrint Lite(CVE-2021-4436) to deploy the notorious Godzilla Web Shell.This malicious activity significantly...

WordPress Plugin Flaw Exposes 200,000+ Websites for Hacking

A critical security flaw has been identified in the Ultimate Member plugin for WordPress, which could potentially put over 200,000 websites at risk.The...

WordPress Plugin Flaw Exposes 90K+ Websites to Hack Attack

Over 90,000 websites are currently at risk due to a vulnerability found in the WordPress Backup Migration Plugin. This vulnerability has enabled unauthenticated remote...
Jetpack WordPress Plugin Flaw

Critical Jetpack WordPress Flaw Exposes Millions of Website

This vulnerability could be used by authors on a site to manipulate any files in the WordPress installation

WordPress Plugin Flaw Let Attackers Hijack 1m Websites

The widely-used Elementor plugin, "Essential Addons for Elementor," has been discovered to have a security flaw that enables unauthorized users to gain administrative control,...

Critical Flaws in WordPress Houzez Theme Exploited to Hijack Websites

Houzez is a high-quality WordPress theme that is available for purchase on ThemeForest, a popular marketplace for digital products. This premium theme has been...

WordPress 5.3.1 Released – Several Security Vulnerabilities Are Fixed – Update Now

WordPress 5.3.1 released with security and maintenance based updates with 46 fixes and enhancements.There are 4 security vulnerabilities fixed in this update that...

Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered in WordPress Email Subscribers & Newsletters Plugin that has 100,000+ Installs

The Email Subscribers & Newsletters is a WordPress newsletter plugin used to send post notifications, send broadcasts. It can be integrated with Mailchimp and...

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