WordPress Websites Hit by a Barrage of Attacks

Attackers exploit the vulnerability of the Yuzo Related Posts plugin.Email automation service Mailgun has added a long list of companies that were victims of large-scale coordinated attacks on websites run by WordPress on Wednesday, April 10.

4 Million Shops Installed WooCommerce Plugin RCE Flaw Allows Attacker to Gain WordPress Sites...

Wordpress based E-commerce websites that powered by E-commerce plugin WooCommerce contains Critical Remote code execution vulnerability that allows nor managers to gain admin-level privilege in Wordpress websites. WooCommerce is very popular E-commerce plugin for Wordpress that installed more than 4...
thousands of Wordpress Sites

Hackers Compromised Thousands of WordPress Sites and Redirects to Tech Support Scams

Hackers compromised thousands of Wordpress Sites that running outdated plugin and redirected them to tech support scam pages. Researchers believe the attackers use a combination of multiple vectors to inject the payloads that contain redirection scripts. A number of website...
Wordpress Update 4.9.7

WordPress Update 4.9.7 – Critical Security Update to Resolve Bugs and Security Issues

Wordpress Update 4.9.7 released covering fix for security issues and 17 bugs. All the WordPress version before 4.9.7 are affected arbitrary file deletion vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Impact The arbitrary file deletion vulnerability identified by RIPS Tech, by exploiting this vulnerability an attacker...
ten WordPress Plugins

Ten WordPress Plugins For WooCommerce Expose E-Commerce Stores to a Range of Attacks

Serious security flaws identified in ten WordPress Plugins could be exploited by hackers to upload keyloggers, shells, crypto miners and other malicious software or completely deface the website. All the plugins are developed by MULTIDOTS Inc to work only with...


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