Saturday, July 13, 2024
Chinese UNC3886 Actors

Chinese UNC3886 Actors Exploiting VMware, Fortinet 0-days For Spying

In 2021, UNC3886, a suspected China nexus cyber espionage actor, was found to be targeting strategic organizations on a large scale, utilizing multiple vulnerabilities...

Apple Refused to Pay $1 Million Bounty to Kaspersky Lab for iOS Zero-days

Apple has refused to pay Kaspersky Lab a reward for discovering critical vulnerabilities in iOS that allowed attackers to install spyware on any iPhone....

PoC Exploit Published for 0-day Vulnerability in Google Chrome

A proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for a critical zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2024-4947) in Google Chrome has been made public.The potential for exploitation of this vulnerability,...

New Google Chrome Zero-day Exploited in the Wild, Patch Now!

Google has issued an urgent security update for its Chrome browser after discovering a zero-day vulnerability that is currently being exploited by attackers.The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-4761, affects the V8 JavaScript engine and could potentially...

QakBot Malware Exploiting Windows Zero-Day To Gain System Privileges

Hackers exploit the Windows zero-day vulnerabilities, as they offer great advantages.This means that no patches or defenses exist for zero-day vulnerabilities as software vendors...

Microsoft Edge Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

A zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Edge, which has been tagged as CVE-2024-4671, has been aggressively exploited by evil organizations, according to reports.This security flaw...

5000+ CrushFTP Servers Hacked Using Zero-Day Exploit

Hackers often target CrushFTP servers as they contain sensitive data and are used for file sharing and storage.This makes them attractive targets for...
Crushftp Zero-day Update

CrushFTP Servers Zero-day Under Active Attack: Update Now

CrushFTP is a file transfer server that supports secure protocols, offers easier configuration, and offers powerful monitoring tools.It also provides a web interface that...

2 Chrome Zero-Days Exploited at Pwn2Own 2024: Patch Now

Google has announced a crucial update to its Chrome browser, addressing several vulnerabilities, including two zero-day exploits showcased at the prestigious Pwn2Own 2024 hacking...

Ivanti discloses 2 New zero-days, one already under exploitation

Two new zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in Ivanti Connect Secure and Ivanti Policy Secure products that are assigned with CVE-2024-21888 and CVE-2024-21893. Additionally,...

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