VSA 0-Day

Kaseya Says Hackers Directly Hit Its Customers by Exploiting VSA 0-Day

The hacker group behind REvil ransomware gang has Last week launched a cyber attack against Kaseya, it's a company based in Miami,...
IBM zero-days

Four IBM Zero-days Leaked Online After the Company Refused to Patch The Bugs

Security researcher Pedro Ribeiro, Director of Research at Agile Information Security disclosed four zero-day vulnerabilities on GitHub after the company refused to...
Steam Windows Client

Steam Windows Client Zero-day Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affects Over 125 Million Users

The Steam windows client privilege escalation vulnerability allows an attacker with normal user privilege can run arbitrary code as an administrator.
Zero-Day Attack

Zero-Day Attack Prevention: A Fundamental Pillar of Security

Preventing zero-day attack, one of a developer’s worst nightmares. In this guide, we’ll tackle the A to Zs of these attacks.
Wi-Fi extender

Critical RCE Zero-Day in TP-Link Wi-Fi Repeaters Let Hackers to Gain Remote Access

Researchers discovered a critical zero-day flaw in TP-Link Wi-Fi extender that allows a remote attacker to get complete control over the device...


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