Israeli forensics firm and well-known Law enforcement contractor Cellebrite released a public statement that they can hack any iOS and High-end Android devices for law enforcement agencies.

Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization is an Israeli company that manufactures data extraction, transfer and analysis devices for cellular phones and mobile devices.

Last year Cellebrite claimed that it’s engineer’s have the ability to unlock any iPhone including the most expected iPhone X in 2018.

Cellebrite claims the UFED has the ability to extract data from nearly 8,200 devices as of June 2012. include smartphones, PDA devices, cell phones, GPS devices, and tablet computers. The UFED can extract, decrypt, parse and analyze phonebook contacts, all types of multimedia content, SMS and MMS messages, call logs, electronic serial numbers (ESN), 

Universal Forensic Extraction Device or UFED, A new premium product of Cellebrite released in the market can unlock and extract the data from iOS and Android.

Shockingly, they claim to unlock the iPhone including those running iOS 12.3, released just a month ago and the exploit that they are using to break the phone is completely unknown.

Cellebrite made a public statement in twitter says, “Cellebrite is proud to introduce #UFED Premium! An exclusive solution for law enforcement to unlock and extract data from all iOS and high-end Android devices,”

The decryption about the premium tool in Cellebrite website says, “Bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device, or a physical extraction or full file system (File-Based Encryption) extraction on many high-end Android devices, to get much more data than what is possible through logical extractions and other conventional means.”

The new premium tool let law enforcement agencies to gain access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content, and more.

Another well-known Forensic firm Grayshift developed tools to unlock at least some versions of iOS 12 and very recently they started developing a tool to unlock Android, but Cellabrite new tool can unlock encrypted phones running either Apple or Google’s operating systems.

Neither Google nor Apple released any statement in this regards, but we may expect soon Apple release iOS 13.0 in this year.

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