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Certified Malware Analyst: In 2020, sophisticated Cyber attacks keep on increasing by APT threats that target most of the enterprise-level networks and individuals.

Preventing Enterprise networks from advanced level threats is challenging tasks for malware analysts and threat researchers to break down the complete malware samples.

There is a huge skill gap to approach, analysis and break down the advanced malware attacks from APT hackers around the globe.

In order to develop a skilled malware analyst, incident responders, threat researchers, Ethical Hackers Academy experts have spent hundreds of hours to designing the best Advanced malware analysis training course with certification that focused on Reverse Engineering, exploits development, researching advanced level threats with hand on malware analysis tools and techniques.


Analyzing malware, Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering is a deep approach to modern threat attacks and figure out the vulnerabilities that are frequently exploited by skilled security professionals and hackers.

Analyzing sophisticated malware is always a complex process. Ethical Hackers academy spend plenty of time developing this course to easily understand the infection of sophisticated Malware such as Trojan, viruses, rootkits, ransomware, spyware, adware, and most recently malware families from APT hackers group and break down its infection vectors.

The Certified Malware analyst course with the malware analysis phase contains the following training modules.

  • Static Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Memory Forensics
  • Malware Detection
  • Web Domain Analysis
  • Network interactions Analysis
  • Debugging & Debugger
  • Analyze malicious URL’s
  • Sandboxes Technique

In Threat Research Phases (1, 2), You will learn the various advanced cyber threats and the APT hackers’ activities, infection vectors, Hunting, Extracting the Threat Feature, analyzing the behavior, Tracking the threat, taking down the attackers infrastructure.

Exploit Development Phase techs the skills that required to analyze and the vulnerabilities and develop the tools, analyze the bugs, and write complex and relevant exploits against the modern operating system and software.

The reverse Engineering phase will cover complete reversing operation against Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android-based apps. also, you will learn about the complete insight of figure out the vulnerabilities that resides in the Applications and Operating system.

The Advanced Malware analysis Phase will train you to develop simple and effective Exploitation tools and exploring the vulnerabilities and the module of the exploitation that triggers the bug and bypass the target applications.

EHA covered various Topics that include, Developing the browser exploits, shellcode, Buffer overflow exploits, windows, Linux, and Android-based exploits against recently patched vulnerabilities with the deep approach of training even for Students with a limited programming background and experience.

John Michel, An Malware analysis and reverse engineering Expert Instructor from Ethical Hackers Academy have to lead the course with the following Deep insights to train students from Very Basic to Advanced level.

Course Duration & Access

1500+ Topics
2280+ Hands-on Exercises
3400+ HD Videos
440+ Hours of Content
5 Watch Video from Android & iOS Apps
6Life Time Access Content
724/7 Live Technical support
8Complete Practical Training
9 Download Access
10Guidance to Setup the Own Lab

Certified Malware Analyst Course Syllabus Module

Certified Malware analyst Course split into 5 different modules of the following to make sure the students will learn each and every module in-depth with the dedicated malware analysis lab environment.

Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering
Certified Advanced Persistent Threat Analyst
Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis Expert
Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
Advanced Malware Analysis – Practical Training with Exploit Kits

You will get all these module access and the instructor will guide you to setup your own lab environment in your machine.

Certified Malware Analyst – What will you Learn?

  1. Expert Level Malware analysis skills to Break down the Most advanced malware.
  2. Learn to implement complete prevention measures against sophisticated threat attacks.
  3. Learn both Static and dynamic malware analysis with in-depth training.
  4. Analyze and reverse-engineering the most complete malware samples with advanced malware analysis tools and techniques.
  5. Establish techniques to collect samples from different sources that help to start profiling malicious threat actors.
  6. Learn about Cyber Kill Chain & APT Lifecycle and the most sophisticated techniques used by hackers to develop the malware.
  7. Learn the Malware analysis and reverse engineering tools such as obj dump, OllyDbg, IDA Pro , Immunity Debugger, Wireshark, Yara Cuckoo Sandbox, PDF Examiner, and more.
  8. Ability to detect the malware using various approaches such as Signature-Based, Heuristic Analysis, rule-based, Behavioral Blocking andSandbox.
  9. Recognize the Exploit vectors, Exploit Obfuscation, understand the target communication, analyzing and reversing the malware with debugging tools.
  10. Developing the exploits for the vulnerabilities that affect all the cross-platform operating systems and related web and network-based applications.

Who This Course is For:

1Anyone who wants to make a career move into Ethical Hacking, security analyst, malware analyst, threat researchers, security researchers, a security engineer, incident responder, SOC Analyst from another field can take this certified Malware analyst Course.
2Anyone Curious about Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing or malware analysis, exploit development, respond security incidents, cyber-attack mitigation and more
3Anyone who wants to learn how professional hackers work and target real organizations from a real hacker
4Interested in analyzing the real-world cyber attacks
5Anyone who wants to become a professional hacker and security researcher
6Anyone who is interested to defend the live cyber attack
7Anyone who is interested in real-time malware analysis, reverse engineering, penetration testing the enterprise network, research real-time cyber threat.

How to Get This Course

Ethical Hackers Academy assists you with the Simple way to enroll the course. Please check here for How to enroll?.

Once you complete the enrollment process, the course access dashboard credentials with be sent to the registered email ID with in 5 min.

You will also get lifetime access, so you no need to worry about the time frame. you can free to access the enrolled course anytime.

For more details, you can visit the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Once you complete the course, You will get the certificate within 24 hours via email.

About Ethical Hackers Academy

Ethical Hackers Academy is one of the worlds leading E-learning platforms which founded in the year 2012 by a team of expert security professionals to provide the best Cyber Security training.

EHA platform offering more than 100 courses and severing more than 120 countries with 100,000+ active learners.

Ethical Hackers Academy expert instructors have more than a decade experience with respective courses and aiming to teach master level cybersecurity skills in industrial recognized and leading cybersecurity domains such as Penetration Testing, ethical hacking, Malware analysis, bug bounty, Exploit development, Kali Linux training, Android Hacking, Vulnerability assessment, network hacking, GDPR, Python Programming, Threat analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cyber forensics, IoT Security, SOC operations training, Web hacking,100+ Hacking tools and more.

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