Chrome version 80

Google Chrome issued an emergency patch to fix 3-high security vulnerabilities including a zero-day bug that actively exploited in wild.

All the vulnerabilities are patched with Chrome version 80.0.3987.122 and the update is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

Technical details of the vulnerability were not disclosed and all the versions of the chrome before 80.0.3987.122 are affected.

3-High Security Vulnerabilities

Integer overflow in ICU

The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to trigger an integer overflow of ICU, results in DoS condition and possibly attacker can execute code on the target vulnerable machine.


CVE-2020-6407: Out of bounds memory access

The error in processing the input streams results in Out of bounds memory access vulnerability. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to read the information from a memory location or possibly cause a crash.

CVE-2020-6418: Type confusion

The type confusion vulnerability that resides in the V8 component of Chrome’s open-source JavaScript and Web Assembly engine.

A remote attacker can exploit the vulnerability, successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows attackers to gain complete control, over the system.

This is the vulnerability exploited by the attackers in the wild. Users are recommended to update with the latest version of Chrome.

Chrome already patched a Zero-day Bug that was exploited in the wild. Threat actors use the Zero-day Bug to launch various attacks such as spear-phishing, malware, backdoors to attack various financial organizations around the world.

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