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U.S Based CIA Hacking Group Launched Massive Cyber Attack on China for 11 Years – A Shocking Report

A Chinese security firm revealed a shocking report that says, the U.S based Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has continuously launched a cyber attack on China between 2008- 2019.

In these 11 years of period, the CIA targets several industries in China including aviation organizations, scientific research institutions, petroleum industry, Internet companies, and government agencies.

CIA is the U.S originated Government based Intelligence Agency which is involved for various operation such as spying foreign governments, companies, and individuals, analysing the information that collected by other agencies, reporting the national intelligence assignment to .U.S decision-makers and more.

IN 2017, We have reported a biggest CIA’s hacking Arsenal Vault 7 leaks that played a major role in this discovery, in which Wikileaks disclosed 8716 documents (including 156 top secrets Document) from the CIA “Backup” Copy “that contains a detailly records the CIA hacking group’s attack methods, targets, Powerful tools, and technical specifications and requirements.

There are 5 shreds of evidence found by Qihoo 360 that reveal APT-C-39 is Affiliated with the CIA.

Evidence 1: APT-C-39 uses massive exclusive cyber weapons in the CIA’s Vault 7 project.

Evidence 2: The technical details of most samples of the APT-C-39 are consistent with the ones described in the Vault 7 documents.

Evidence 3: Before the Vault 7 cyber weapon was disclosed by WikiLeaks, the APT-C-39 already used relevant cyberweapons against targets in China.

Evidence 4: Some attack weapons used by the APT-C-39 are associated with the NSA.

Evidence 4: Some attack weapons used by the APT-C-39 are associated with the NSA.

Discovery of APT-C-39 (CIA Hacking Group)

Researchers from Qihoo 360 digging deeper into the leaked documents and found that the tools in the Vault 7 Arsenal have been used to perform some of the series of targeted hacking attacks on Chinese organizations and government agencies.

Based on the researcher report, These attacks are attributed to a U.S.-related APT organization – APT-C-39 and also they found that the attackers mainly targeted the system developers in Chinese aviation organizations and scientific research sectors to carry out the campaigns.

CIA(APT-C-39 ) also accused of attacking the technology sectors of civil aviation are not only in China but also involves hundreds of commercial airline national states.

Also, researchers believed that these 11 years of period, the CIA may have already gathered the most classified business information of China, even of many other countries in the world.

Tracked Down the Key Figure of CIA Cyber Arsenal R & D

Qihoo 360 figured out a Joshua Adam Schulte, a former CIA Employee and the Master Mind of CIA Cyber Arsenal R & D and he worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) as an intern for some time, and then joined CIA in 2010.

Joshua was misused his admin privilege of the secrete core room, and implant a backdoor to steal the classified documents of Vault 7 which has been later disclosed to WikiLeaks, and it was frequently published in WikiLeaks Website in 2017.

This is one of the biggest leaks of classified national defense information in the history of CIA” by disclosing the agency’s secret hacking tools to WikiLeaks.

Joshua was arrested in 2018 and prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice and February 4, 2020, at a public hearing in the federal court, the federal prosecutor alleged that Joshua, as the core developer and the person in charge of the highest administrator authority of its internal arsenal.


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