Wikileaks Revealed Next CIA Hacking Tool called “Brutal Kangaroo” under Vault 7 Projects that Consists of 4 Powerful Malware Components which targets closed networks by air gap jumping using thumbdrives.

WiliLeaks Vault 7 Project Revealed Few days Before CIA Cyber weapon CherryBlossom which is Specially Developed to compromise the Wireless Network Devices including wireless routers and access points.

“Brutal Kangaroo” has the ability to executing surveys, helps directory listings, and arbitrary executables by creating a custom covert network within the target closed network.

This Malware contains 4 Embedded tools help to Gain Access the closed network and single air-gapped computer and get into access the Organization Directly.

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Embedded Tools with Brutal Kangaroo  

According to Revealed CIA  Document, these are the following compenents including with

Drifting Deadline: A thumbdrive infection tool.

Shattered Assurance: A server tool that handles automated infection of
thumbdrives and the primary mode of propagation for the Brutal Kangaroo suite.

Broken Promise: The Brutal Kangaroo postprocessor

Shadow: The primary persistence mechanism. Shadow is a stage 2 tool that is
distributed across a closed network and acts as a covert command-and-control

How Brutal Kangaroo Attack the air-gapped Networks

Initially  “Brutal Kangaroo”  infect the Organizations interconnected network system and install the Malware file.

CIA using various sophisticated infection technique to spread the Malware and Revealed Document doesn’t contain any Details about the initial infection.

Once primary host (A Computer that used for the first infection) within the Enterprise used for inserts a USB stick the separate Malware infect the thumb drive itself.

So its will spreading into another host, once the user takes it away from Primary and uses it for insert into another Host.

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Brutal Kangaroo  Tool Contains 5 Configuration Vectors,

  • Execution Vector Configuration – The execution vector module controls how the tool is executed. The user must select which execution vector they wish to configure.
  • Deployment Configuration – The deployment module controls the look of the tool on disk
  • Payload Configuration – This page allows you to configure the data transfer module(s) as well as the payloads.
  • Build XML Configuration – XML Configuration file Provide the Details of all the options that the user has selected
  • Infect Flash Drive – The final page of the configuration. Once  select an available thumb drive and  select “infect”, the drive is then infected with your configuration
CIA Hacking Brutal Kangaroo Revealed to Hack Air-Gapped Networks

 By browsing the USB drive with Windows Explorer on such a protected computer, it also gets infected with exfiltration/survey malware.

CIA form a covert network to coordinate tasks and data exchange After infected Systems will be under control by CIA.

This Infection Method is very similar that Stuxnet Computer Worm used to  damage  Iran’s nuclear program.

According to CIA Document , The primary execution vector used by infected thumbdrives is a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system that can be exploited by hand-crafted link files that load and execute programs (DLLs) without user interaction. 

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