WikiLeaks Revealed New CIA Cyber Weapon called “Dumbo” that has been developed with Sophisticated functionality  to hacking Webcams and Corrupt Video Recordings by physical Accessibility Control .

This Physical Deployment done by Special Intelligence group called PAG (Physical Access Group) which is performing special Task to gain and exploit physical access to target computers in CIA field operations.

Few Days Before WikiLeaks revealed CIA Hacking Tools “Achilles, Aeris, SeaPea” Revealed to Hack Mac and Linux OS.

This intelligence Tool Executed from USB Thumb Drive once Gaining Physical Access of the Target Computer that running the Windows Operating System.

Once Dumbo Gaining access the Target System , it identify the devices that  installed with infected Systems such as webcams and microphones, either locally or connected by wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) or wired networks.

Dumbo Execution Method

If the operator Physically  injects the Exploit into the Target machine via USB Thumb Drive, its will identified and stopped all the connected Devices such as recording, monitoring or detection of video/audio/network streams.

Dumbo will Log all the actions in logging file called “log.txt” and will also log all processes running at the start of its execution in a file called “proclist.txt” located in the same folder as the program’s execution.

According to the Document,Dumbo supports 32bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and newer versions of Windows operating system. 64bit Windows XP, or Windows versions prior to XP, are not supported.

Operator of this Malware can creating fake or destroying actual evidence of the intrusion operation by deleting and Manipulating the recordings.

Avoid the action that gets recorded , Manual suggest  to turn of the Anti Virus by the Operator.

Camera And Microphone

Since CIA Tool infect the Windows Operating systems , it showing the list of Camera that Connected with Device.

Operator can select the camera to taking the desire action by using table of Process running in this target Computer and also it required System Level Privilege.

List of selected camera devices Displays with unique camera name and by default last camera detected as  selected to take the relevant action by operator.

Operator can able to do any kind of action with the selected Devices later infection done by the Dumbo.

Also it shows all the Microphones that muted and unmuted and also Selectively corrupted or delete recordings.

Dumbo can’t Perform its Malicious action if the Camera being used by other Program.

USB Thumb Drive should be remain Plugged into the Target computer to being Maintain the control the targeted Machine.

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