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Citrix UberAgent Flaw Let Attackers Elevate Privileges

A significant vulnerability has been identified in Citrix’s monitoring tool, uberAgent.

If exploited, this flaw could allow attackers to escalate their privileges within the system, posing a serious risk to organizations using affected software versions.

CVE-2024-3902 – Privilege escalation vulnerability in Citrix uberAgent

The vulnerability, tracked under CVE-2024-3902, specifically impacts specific versions of Citrix uberAgent.

It has been classified with a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score 7.3, indicating a high severity level.

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The issue arises due to improper configuration settings in the uberAgent software, which can be manipulated to elevate user privileges.

The flaw affects the following versions of Citrix uberAgent:

  • Citrix uberAgent versions before 7.1.2

Preconditions for Exploitation

For the vulnerability to be exploited, specific conditions must be met:

  • At least one configured [CitrixADC_Config] entry
  • One or more of the following metrics are configured.
  • CitrixADCPerformance
  • CitrixADCvServer
  • CitrixADCGateways
  • CitrixADCInventory

Additionally, for versions 7.0 through 7.1.1:

  • WmiProvider set to PowerShell
  • At least one CitrixSession metric is configured.

To mitigate the risk posed by this vulnerability, Citrix has provided specific instructions for users of affected versions.

Immediate Actions

  • Disable all CitrixADC metrics by removing the specified timer properties.
  • Remove all [CitrixADC_Config] entries.
  • For versions 7.0 to 7.1.1, ensure that WmiProvider is not configured or set to WMIC.

Citrix urges all affected customers to upgrade to uberAgent version 7.1.2 or later, which addresses the vulnerability and provides enhanced security features.

The latest versions can be downloaded from the official uberAgent website.

This vulnerability highlights the importance of regular software updates and vigilant configuration management.

Organizations using Citrix uberAgent are advised to review their installations and promptly update and make configuration changes to protect their systems from potential threats.

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