Cleartrip Hacked

Cleartrip Hacked: An Indian travel company, ‘Cleartrip’ owned by Flipkart, and headquartered in Mumbai suffers a massive data breach. Reports say the attackers have gained access to Cleartrip’s internal systems.

The personal information of millions of users is being sold on the dark web. Cleartrip has confirmed this data breach and notified its customers via email.

“We have identified a security anomaly in a few of our internal systems. Our information security team is currently investigating the matter along with a leading external forensics partner and is taking the necessary action”.

“Appropriate legal action and recourse are being evaluated and steps are being taken as per the law”, says a Cleartrip spokesperson.

Cleartrip Data Breach

The reports say the files put on sale, include ones from June, therefore it is clear that the data was stolen in recent times.

“Hackers were selling the data on a private, invite-only forum on the dark web. However, the exact price at which the data was put on sale was not mentioned in the post”, the Security researcher Sunny Nehra.

 “It appeared that the hackers obtained all Cleartrip data. Apart from files seemingly having customer info, revenues, etc., there are also files including ‘GST on advance working’ which raise many questions about the involvement of some insider,” says Nehra.

It is said that the security researcher also reported the incident to India’s CERT-In. The company informed the users about the data breach not revealing anything specifically like what type of data was accessed by the threat actors.

Cleartrip promised the users through an email saying, “We would like to assure you that aside from some details which are a part of your profile, no sensitive information pertaining to your Cleartrip account has been compromised as a result of this anomaly of our systems”.

As a preventative measure, the company asked the users to ‘reset their account password’ and regret for the inconvenience caused.

The company added after informing customers about this data breach, it was taking appropriate legal action and recourse to ensure necessary steps are being taken as per the law.

Particularly, India has been witnessing a growing incidence of data breaches over the past couple of years. Based on the analysis, India ranked sixth among the countries with the highest number of data breaches. 18 out of every 100 Indians have been hit by data breaches since 2004.

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