The clipper hijacking malware use to intercept the contents of the clipboard and replaces it with the content the attackers want to have.

Generally, the cryptocurrency wallets contain a long string of characters for security reasons, users use to copy and paste the strings instead of typing it.

Security researchers from ESET discovered the Android Clipper malware on the on official google play store in February 2019. “This dangerous form of malware first made its rounds in 2017 on the Windows platform and was spotted in third-party Android app stores in the summer of 2018.”

Clipper Hijacking Malware – Google Play

The clipper malware in Google Play impersonates as the metamask service that allows you to run the Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

Currently, the metamask does not offer a mobile app, the attackers use it as an advantage to introduce a shady app. Metamask only offers add-ons for desktop browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

The main purpose of the app is to steal the victim’s credentials and private keys to gain control over the victim’s Ethereum funds.

It also replaces the copied wallet address of Bitcoin or Ethereum and replaces it with the attacker’s address. So, in this case, the coins will be sent to the attackers address instead of the intended user.

Also, the application tries to phish for the seed phrase and the private key, by having the seed phrase and the private key attackers can steal funds from your wallets.

“Several malicious apps have been caught previously on Google Play impersonating MetaMask. However, they merely phished for sensitive information with the goal of accessing the victims’ cryptocurrency funds”.

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