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Cloud WAF Helps To Stop Breaches Before they Happen

Cyber breaches have always been a concern for businesses across all industries. Their after-effects lead to compromised customer loyalty & faith, loss in business, and a negative brand reputation.

It is essential to protect your databases, websites, applications, and the cloud. Keep yourself updated with the current cyber-attacks to prevent them from attacks. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Feb 5, 2021; Florida’s water system got hacked by a malicious hacker who tried to poison water by increasing the levels of sodium hydroxide and Lye in the water supply, not once but twice, which was caught by an employee. The city was saved by an inch from drastic consequences.

March 2, 2021; an unidentified Chinese hacking group named Hafnuim attacked the Microsoft Exchange server with various major vulnerabilities affecting 9 government agencies and about 60,000 private firms altogether. The vulnerabilities identified- CVE-2021-26855, CVE-2021-26857, CVE-2021-26858, and CVE-2021-27065.

March 21, 2021; Taiwanese company, Acer experienced a ransomware attack putting them at a loss of about US$50 million. The attackers stole financial statements, bank details, customers’ database, their credit card information, etc., and put them on the auction list.

May 7, 2021; The US fuel pipeline incurred huge losses when a notorious Russian gang of cyberattackers blocked networks of the Pipeline, disrupting real-time sharing. It remained shut down for a few days until the CEO paid cryptocurrency of US$4.4 million to get things back to normal. 

April 9, 2021; The very popular job-hunting platform, LinkedIn, faced data leakage including resumes, names, genders, contacts, e-mail addresses which were put on auction for a large sum of money by some hackers.

All these latest cases are evidence that with advancements to technology, the hackers’ community has also been sturdy over the same period of time.

According to one of the surveys from IBM, it was observed that it requires around 280 days to navigate and mitigate a breach.

Cloud WAF To Stop Breaches

Prophaze Technologies is working actively in prioritizing the data security of your business from high-profile data breaches. Our Kubernetes Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps to identify, monitor, and resolve security vulnerabilities before they reach your database.

Our WAF easily gets adapted to your business IT architecture enabling it to create a comprehensive endpoint solution.  It helps to navigate, gather and block all the traffic that’s unwanted, too, within a fraction of seconds.

It also ensures that your web applications always stay protected from sophisticated attacks like OWASP 10 including SQL Injections, cross-site scripting attacks, etc. at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCOs).

The Kubernetes Security platform is equipped with Vulnerability and Compliance Management tools that continuously monitor your IT assets to provide the best configuration solutions.

Therefore, it is important to facilitate your Security teams with resources to help them better understand the trending risks. This can help them to foresee threats, and create an action plan to prevent cyber-attacks. Identification and security features of Prophaze RASP operate on the server the app’s running on; therefore the technology doesn’t affect the application’s design

Furthermore, with advancements to phishing and brute force attacks it has become important to have upgraded encryption for sensitive information. Prophaze solution provides kubernetes DDoS protection in layer 7 to container clouds and blocks every outside attack before they enter your system.

It blocks suspicious requests, identifies and fights new malware variants, and defends zero-day attacks targeting your web APIs. Prophaze team works diligently to build a powerful mechanism that can automatically terminate or block any malicious activity over your application.

Using the blacklist approach, our Cloud WAF sorts traffic requests that are acceptable and those which are not on the gateway of APIs itself. Propohaze Kubernetes WAF supports Kubernetes Virtual Private Clouds on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure integrations.

Regular security audits are also a crucial step to protect your data. The security auditing procedure includes assessing computer and technical assets, sensitive company data, and all crucial documentation.

Any suspicious activity, behavior, or doubt must be taken under re-evaluation. Criminals can use all kinds of AI tools to corrupt your data. Cloud WAF, through an in-depth assessment, helps to identify new gaps and validate your security posture.

The next-generation firewall effectively mitigates the risk of data leakage. Prophaze provides container security as well as virtual patching.

Assessing, analyzing, and determining the risk in the security systems and data is another very important way to deal with security breaches. Moreover, keep reforming upgrading company policies among various departments.

That would help to stay safe from legal aspects as well. IT security includes guidelines and industry standards compliance, privacy policies, access management policies, strong password policy data governance guidelines, and ensure their proper adherence.

Keep these points in mind while formulating security policies for your teams:

  • End-user access control and related privileges relating to a common policy.
  • Devising plan for how employees should use, handle and discard customers’ data
  • Rules for changing passwords for work purposes
  • Provisions for Documentation for vendors, employees, and customers
  • Awareness and training campaigns for employees on data leakage, and breaches

And last but not the least, empowering your Security team, organizing workshops, and training sessions with industry experts can help to keep your business breach-free and mitigate most of the attacks.


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