Cloudflare introduces Spectrum to protect any services that connected to the Internet. Spectrum works in the same way as the Cloudflare and it extends Cloudflare to 65,533 more Ports.

This means with the spectrum you can extend the Cloudflare’s DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall protection beyond the webservers to protect other TCP based services such as gaming services, remote server access (SSH), email (SMTP), file transfer FTP or custom protocol.

Cloudflare says’s core functionality of “Spectrum is its ability to block large DDoS attacks” and to ensure all the TCP services are protected against DDoS attack.

Spectrum integrated with the Cloudflare firewall that allows you to block any Ip address and it can be integrated easily through Cloudflare dashboard. Also, it offers TLS termination that speeds up the performance.


“We think the most interesting outcome is that just by adding support for TLS in the client, Cloudflare can now add encryption to legacy protocols and services that don’t traditionally support encrypted transit”, says Cloudflare.

Cloudflare tested it with Hypixel’s infrastructure “Hypixel was one of the first subjects of the Mirai botnet DDoS attacks and frequently receives large attacks”.

Before Spectrum, we had to rely on unstable services and techniques that increased latency, worsening user’s experience” says Bruce Blair, the CTO at Hypixel.

The configuration includes Domain or Subdomain, Edge Port, Origin IP / Port for Service, Edge Port Specification, TLS (Flexible/Off), IP Firewall (I/O), PROXY Protocol (I/O).

Recently Cloudflare announced a consumer-focused DNS service that increases speed by reducing the latency and with improved privacy-protection mechanisms.

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