Code Execution Flaws

Adobe has released updates that fix twenty-six vulnerabilities in the Adobe Acrobat, Reader, and Lightroom products.

Out of 26 flaws, 11 are rated as critical, they could be exploited by hackers to run the arbitrary code remotely or to bypass security features on the vulnerable installations.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader | APSB20-48

Adobe released security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS, the updates cover critical and important vulnerabilities. Successful exploitation allows attackers to execute remote code in the context of the current user.

List of Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability CategoryVulnerability ImpactSeverityCVE Number
Disclosure of Sensitive DataMemory LeakImportant   CVE-2020-9697
Security bypass Privilege Escalation ImportantCVE-2020-9714
Out-of-bounds writeArbitrary Code Execution         Critical CVE-2020-9693CVE-2020-9694
Security bypassSecurity feature bypassCritical CVE-2020-9696CVE-2020-9712
Stack exhaustionApplication denial-of-serviceImportant CVE-2020-9702CVE-2020-9703
Out-of-bounds readInformation disclosureImportant CVE-2020-9723CVE-2020-9705CVE-2020-9706CVE-2020-9707CVE-2020-9710CVE-2020-9716CVE-2020-9717CVE-2020-9718CVE-2020-9719CVE-2020-9720CVE-2020-9721
Buffer errorArbitrary Code Execution         Critical CVE-2020-9698CVE-2020-9699CVE-2020-9700CVE-2020-9701CVE-2020-9704
Use-after-free   Arbitrary Code Execution         Critical CVE-2020-9715CVE-2020-9722

Fixed versions

ProductTrackUpdated VersionsPlatformPriority RatingAvailability
Acrobat DCContinuous2020.012.20041Windows and macOS2Windows    macOS  
Acrobat Reader DCContinuous2020.012.20041Windows and macOS2Windows
Acrobat 2020Classic 2020           2020.001.30005Windows and macOS     2Windows    macOS  
Acrobat Reader 2020Classic 2020           2020.001.30005Windows and macOS     2Windows
Acrobat 2017Classic 20172017.011.30175Windows and macOS2WindowsmacOS
Acrobat Reader 2017Classic 20172017.011.30175Windows and macOS2WindowsmacOS
Acrobat 2015Classic 20152015.006.30527Windows and macOS2WindowsmacOS
Acrobat Reader 2015Classic 20152015.006.30527Windows and macOS2WindowsmacOS

Adobe Lightroom | APSB20-51

Adobe Lightroom Classic for Windows and macOS covers important security updates, successful exploitation of the vulnerability allows attackers to escalate privilege.

List of Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability CategoryVulnerability ImpactSeverityCVE Numbers
Insecure Library LoadingPrivilege escalation

Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions using the instructions referenced in the bulletin.

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