CoinDash Website has been hacked by unknown hackers during our Token Sale event which leads to $7 million worth of Ethereum was stolen in about half an hour.

Few Days Before World’s Fourth Largest Cryptocurrency “Bithumb” Hacked and Many Number of User Accounts Compromised.

CoinDash held its Token Sale event, in which investors were meant to be able to find apps in development with virtual currency in return for a stake in such applications.

Hackers modified CoinDash Platform  Ethereum wallet address during the company’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Wallet Address has been modified by hackers owned address which leads to C

CoinDash Comformed this Breach in their Twitter Account and the platform apologized, admitting that a “hacking attack” took place during the event by an unknown perpetrator, resulting in the loss of millions in ethereum, also known as ether (ETH).

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CoinDash Warned  to Investors

According to CoinDash, before the hack, it received around $6 million worth of Ethereum in the first three minutes.

“CoinDash Warned to Investors, This is an emergency message delivered to you in order to stop you from sending your money to an unauthorized ETH address. It seems like our Token Sale page was tampered and the sending address was changed. Please stop from sending your funds to any of the addresses until we say otherwise. We are currently examining the situation and will shortly send further instructions.”

Also intimate that , this breach has affected both our contributors and company, and they are investigating this attack.

To assist the investigation, the company tweeted out a form for people to fill out if they tried to purchase coins.

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