On a daily basis, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of banking transactions happen in the online medium and providing security from cyber threats to these online transactions from hackers has become a booming industry.

If your computer doesn’t have antivirus software and a firewall, then there is a good chance your computer might be infected with a virus or a Trojan horse.

Hackers employ different strategies to steal your data and it includes but is not limited to credit card details, banking details, social security numbers, and email and social network credentials.

Botnet Attacks

One of the most prevalent hacking methods used by hackers is botnets and, most of the time, the infected party doesn’t even know that they are infected. The creator of the bots remotely controls a set of software robots created to infect computers, known as zombies.

In 2010, an FBI investigation detected a cybercriminal ring that created a botnet called Zeus and used it to steal $70 million from different bank accounts in the United States.

A sudden increase in traffic, unauthorized connection attempts to command and communication servers, slow computing, using lots of CPU resources, an inability to access the internet, and getting messages from unidentified sources are some of the ways to detect botnets. Using anti-botnet tools, installing software patches, and regularly monitoring network traffic are some of the prevention methods.

Hackers gain unauthorized access to steal valuable information and may use this data to harm you in a personal or financial capacity. Most recently, hackers attacked KICKICO, a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, gaining access to its servers to steal $7.7 million worth tokens. This is not the first time hackers attacked a cryptocurrency trading exchange and caused a lot of financial damage to the companies.

Many guides available on the internet to help customers to transact in a secured environment and CoinList provides one such guide on how to buy bitcoin gold.

Common Methods of Cyber threats Infection

One of the most common ways used to infect and damage a computer is malware. A term is a short form of ‘malicious software’, and it could refer to a virus, Trojan horse, worm, adware, and/or spyware. The best way to detect and prevent them is to use anti-malware software tools and protect your systems from being infected.

Another method involved in stealing data is phishing, and cybercriminals use this method more often as it takes little effort to deploy on target computers to produce results. Cybercriminals create fake emails, websites, and text messages that look like they’re from authenticated companies to make people part with their personal and financial information.

Cybercriminals use this data to cause financial damage to the targeted person or an entity. Always check the credentials of the website you are visiting and do not open emails from unknown sources.

It is better to take precautions and take assertive steps to prevent and protect your computer systems from malicious attacks & Cyber Threats. 

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