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Comodo Free Antivirus for Android & iOS – New Version with VPN, Safe browsing, Firewall, AppLocker Security Features

We want to bring your attention to the new update of Comodo Free Antivirus with advanced mobile security features for both iOS and Android.

Cybercrimes keep on evolving in this digital era with sophisticated threats, especially massive targeted attacks against smartphone users. Like PCs and Laptop, Mobile-based threats are highly dangerous since personal and sensitive data is being handled mostly in our smartphones.

In recent days, we have reported most of the attacks targeting the mobile devices with powerful malware to hijack camera, record audio, upload, download and delete files, reading emails and SMS, stealing contacts, and eventually take complete control of the mobile devices.

At this point, fighting with persistent mobile-based malware is not an easy task without Anti-Virus software. So, it is essential for mobile users as most of the security experts advised to install advanced mobile security Anti-virus like Comodo Mobile Security in your smartphones.

Fatih Orhan, Senior Vice president of “Comodo Cybersecurity” told GBHackers on security, “the popularity of smartphones, massive amount of valuable and private information they hold, make them attractive to cybercriminals interested in exploiting the devices to steal sensitive information. “

“Comodo is fighting against cybercrimes for almost 20 years and protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers globally against known and emerging mobile-based attacks. Comodo always brings innovative cybersecurity platform for mobile users that renders threats useless with a multi-layered security feature for free of cost.”

A newly released free version of Comodo Mobile Security brings high-performance malware engine and more additionally integrated features including VPN, ID Protection, Safe Browsing, and AppLocker.

Comodo’s Multi-layer malware protection system defend all kind of sophisticated mobile threats such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware, backdoors, rootkits, adware, and previously unknown malware.

With this new update, Comodo introduced SD Card protection, Cloud scanning option to keep scanning your data to ensure your mobile phone is Safe & Healthy. Another Schedule scan feature allows users to schedule scans at regular intervals.

Multi-Layer Protection & Real-Time Scan

Comodo Mobile Security for Android and iOS leverages multiple technologies, including real-time and on-demand scans, to alert if a potentially malicious app is found in the user’s mobile.

Multiple layers of protection have been implemented in this new update to perform an in-depth scan of your smartphones to make sure the malware never escapes from CMS detection.

Since most of the malicious threats are driven from dangerous websites, CMS brings 100% safe browsing experience to alert users when they unknowingly visit harmful websites, identity theft, and eavesdropping.

Installing the new version of Comodo Mobile security App which is now available for both Android and iOS lets users experience the real enterprise-grade mobile security on your mobile devices to protect your mobile devices against unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft.

All in one Security with Comodo Mobile Security

All security in one place with Comodo Mobile Anti-Virus takes your mobile security to a whole new level, and it enforces a lot of good security practices.

Comodo is rolling out this new version of Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) with the most exciting security features within a single app to protect both Android and iOS.

Safe Browsing

Newly introduced safe browsing feature with Comodo Mobile Security lets the users experience secure browsing and prevent the users from visiting malicious websites and stealing personal information.

Safe Browsing is a website filter technology which protects you by blocking harmful, suspicious, and phishing websites.

It supports browsers including Safari (iOS), Opera / Chrome (Android) and it lets you stop, if it finds the URL you enter contains any type of malicious content.

Learn here to Active Safe Browsing

ID Protection

ID protection is one of the most interesting features in this new CMS update. By enabling ID protection, users protect themselves from attackers from stealing personal data, including Email address, PII, Credit card numbers, social security number.

Users get instant alerts when email accounts credentials are compromised, and the CMS continually monitors the dark/deep web to alert users if it finds sensitive information.

Comodo Identity theft protection keeps your mobile and sensitive personal information away from cybercriminals, and it notifies users when their credit card number is stolen.

Learn here to Enable ID Protection

CMS with VPN 

Comodo mobile security

Comodo’s mobile Virtual Private Network protects your privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting the user’s cellular connection to experience the true Anonymity on Public Wi-Fi and stops your ISP from spying on your browsing activities.

It uses standard security protocols which allows authenticity and confidentiality. By using a VPN, all your file transfers from mobile phones will be encrypted using AES-256-GCM algorithm, and it also hides your IP address, which makes difficult for trackers to extract your location or identity.

Learn here to Enable VPN

Wi-Fi Security

Comodo mobile security

Inbuilt Wi-Fi security is another great feature with this new version of Comodo Mobile Security that provides Wi-Fi protection when you connect with an open, Unprotected Wi-Fi network.

By activating Wi-Fi protection, Users will be alerted when they connect with an unsecured network and prevents them from Wi-Fi-based attacks.

CMS advanced Wi-Fi scanner keeps on scanning your mobile device for every 15 min and checks for some of the dangerous attacks including Phishing, Fake access points, MITM attacks, ARP spoofing and also tells you whether the Wi-Fi network is secured with Password.

Learn here to Enable Wi-Fi Security

“No root” Firewall

Comodo mobile security

Threat actors are targeting most of the Android and iOS users through malicious traffic. Comodo’s Firewall protects users mobile by blocking inbound/outbound traffic.

Also, CMS firewall allows you to choose which apps can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Since both the VPN and Firewall are deployed in the same server, users need to disable the CMS VPN to experience the firewall security feature.

Learn here to Enable Firewall

App Lock

Comodo mobile security

Comodo Mobile Security App locker protection will block the app access, and no one will access your profile, Mail app, photo apps, banking apps and other apps that you want to keep it in private.

Comodo App Lock keeps an eye with your mobile apps and prevents from any unauthorized access by picking a PIN or a pattern,

Learn here to Enable App Lock

Conclusion – Comodo Mobile Antivirus

Comodo Mobile Antivirus is entirely free to install both Android and iOS with all in one security features. This application identifies and stops all types of mobile threats, viruses, and malicious apps with complete privacy and anonymity.

Comodo Mobile Antivirus 4.3 for Android is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and later version, iOS users require iOS 11.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can enjoy the free version of Comodo Mobile Security with Antivirus scans, Safe browsing, ID Protection. Other features including VPN for Unlimited traffic, App Lock, Firewall, Wi-Fi Security available in monthly and yearly subscription models.

Comodo mobile security

Smartphone users are highly recommended to download Comodo Mobile Security Anti-Virus from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS to keep your phone always protected from cyber threats.


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