Crypto-Miner Campaign Targets QNAP NAS

The 360Netlab Threat Detection System reported attacks targeting the widely used QNAP NAS devices through the unauthorized remote command execution vulnerability (CVE-2020-2506 & CVE-2020-2507), upon successful attack, the attacker will gain root privilege on the device and perform malicious mining activities.

CVE-2020-2506: If exploited, this improper access control vulnerability could allow attackers to obtain control of a QNAP device.

CVE-2020-2507:If exploited, this command injection vulnerability could allow remote attackers to run arbitrary commands.

The report says there is currently no publicly available PoC for CVE-2020-2506 & CVE-2020-2507, also according to the vendor’s request, the technical details of the vulnerability is not disclosed to protect QNAP NAS users.

Experts speculate that there are still hundreds of thousands of online QNAP NAS devices with vulnerability.

This mining program is named as UnityMiner. Here, the attacker customized the program by hiding the mining process and the real CPU memory resource usage information, so when the QNAP users check the system usage through the WEB management interface, they cannot see the abnormal system behavior.

Due to the possible big impact, the team contacted and informed the vendor right away.

Vulnerability Impact

According to the analysis, the 360 FirmwareTotal system shows that all QNAP NAS firmwares before August 2020 is affected by the vulnerability.

The following is the Geo breakdown of the devices online by using the 360 Quake cyberspace mapping system, all together there are 4,297,426 QNAP NAS, with 951,486 unique IPs.

Final Word

QNAP NAS users should check and update their firmware promptly. It is recommended to monitor and block relevant IPs and URLs that are vulnerable.

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