SHEIN fashion retailer suffered a major data breach, personal details of more than 6.42 million customers stolen by attackers. SHEIN fashion is an US-based online shopping platform that produces fashion clothing.

The company says ‘On August 22 aware that personally identifiable information of its customers was stolen during a sophisticated criminal cyber attack on its computer network.”

Once SHEIN aware of cyberattack they called a forensic cybersecurity firm for investigation of the data theft.

The investigation confirms that attackers gained access to email addresses and encrypted password credentials of customers who registered on the company website.


The cyber attack impacted more than 6.42 million and the investigation is still in progress. SHEIN said, “we continue to closely monitor the network and servers so future breaches can be prevented.”

Also, SHEIN confirms that credit card details are not affected by the breach as they are not storing any credit card information on the systems.

SHEIN in process of notifying authorities and the customers affected in the breach, they request all the customers to reset their passwords by clicking the link on the email notification from SHEIN or logging into their account.

Here you can see the most common Top ten list of common Dark Web activities that organizations should watch on the dark web that indicate a possible data breach.

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