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Top 3 Categories That Mostly Impact by Cyber Threats & Protection Against Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity can be termed as the process of recovering programs, networks, and devices from different types of cyber threats.

Over the past few years, cyber threats have evolved drastically and have put different enterprises and organizations into trouble across industries.

These cyber-attacks are mainly carried out to extort money from various small and large businesses.

Apart from monetary gains, some cyber-attacks are carried out to access or destroy the sensitive data stored with businesses. Whatever might the reason behind the attack, security requirements against cyber threats are increasing day by day.

As a result of this, antivirus such as ESET for protection against cyber threats is becoming quite popular among businesses of all sizes-small, medium, and large.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of cyber categories and how businesses can safeguard themselves using antivirus protection.

Categories Targeted by Cyber Threats

Though there are many different types of cyber threats, most of these types fall into the following three categories.

1. Confidentiality

When the attack is on confidentiality, the hackers are focused on gaining access to your sensitive information.

This sensitive information could your personally identifiable information or information related to your bank details such as account numbers and debit and credit card details.

Attackers who are trying to steal your confidential information sell it on the dark web to make money out of it.

2. Integrity

The second category of cyber-attacks includes attacks on integrity. These attacks are carried out with the motive of sabotaging your business or personal integrity.

When attackers get access to your sensitive information, they release the details to the general public, which are often known leaks. The purpose of the attack is to provide harm to the reputation of the company.

3. Availability

The final category of cyber-attacks includes attacks on the availability of user data. These attacks ensure that users cannot get access to their own data until the user pays a ransom to release their own data.

Cyber-attackers get access to your computer and then block you out from your system, denying you access to your confidential and important data.

Such activities can be more harmful to businesses, as it can bring the entire business to a halt until they pay the ransom amount. Thus, attackers demand a heavy ransom, or they even threatened to delete the data completely.

Antivirus Protection

Having a good antivirus solution installed on your business systems can help you protect cyber-threats in all of the above three discussed categories.

Antivirus solutions are efficient tools for protection against cyber-crime as they come useful features such as ransomware protection, spyware protection, adware protection, and real-time protection against various other forms of malware.

In addition to this, an antivirus solution can also help your business to back up important and sensitive information, which can be useful in the event of a ransomware attack.

When you have backed up your important files, even if the attacker threatens to delete your information, you will have the confidential data intact.

Apart from this, an antivirus solution offers an effective firewall mechanism that can help you safeguard your system from any type of unauthorized access.

Thus, hackers will not be able to lock you out of your system or threaten to release details about your sensitive and private information, such as images and information about your bank details.

Antivirus solution also offers access to other features such as safe browsing extension, and VPN that ensures you can mask your identity on the internet and browse the web securely.

Final Thoughts

Cyber-attacks are on a constant rise and are becoming a serious issue for many organizations around the world.

As it can cause businesses a lot of damage in terms of money and reputation, using a good antivirus solution becomes imperative.

Antivirus such as ESET for protection against cyber threats can help businesses and organizations safeguard their confidential and sensitive information. Thus, using an antivirus can offer an added layer of security to your business.


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