The web extension, patented in the U.S. and U.K., is now available for pre-order in a limited, pre-sale event.

Lack of online data security globally

In today’s almost entirely digitised, cyber world, it’s imperative that private data and passwords remain secure and protected at all times. According to Business Insider (2022), Bitcoin investors are likely to lose up to $545 million in 2023, owing to various reasons like forgetting passwords to their wallets or wrongly recording their seed phrases. In most cases, safeguarding sensitive access credentials requires entrusting them to third-party databases. This has proven to be a highly unreliable strategy, with data servers being unavailable or becoming compromised more and more frequently. A new type of solution is needed to combat the ever-growing proliferation of unauthorised data breaches. 

A new level of data cyber safety 

Cyqur is an easy-to-install browser extension, geared towards developers, DeFi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, remote workers, artists and creators, digital natives, and anyone else who is reluctant to entrust third parties with their most sensitive credentials. The simple, yet powerful encryption and decryption web extension facilitates the storage and transmission of private data (passwords, seed phrases, etc.). The patented solution helps users achieve unparalleled peace of mind for their digital profiles. 

What makes Cyqur different

By design, the Cyqur solution does not store the user data on his behalf either through third-party servers, or any other centralised means. Instead, it encrypts the user data and then fragments that encrypted data across a number of cloud storage locations chosen and controlled by the user. Because of the fragmentation and decentralisation of data storage in this manner, it is virtually impossible for all cloud storage locations to be compromised at the same time. This is a level of security that modern password managers and vaults can’t offer.  

How Cyqur helps users achieve peace of mind

  1. Secure storage: User access credentials are duplicated, fragmented, encrypted, and scattered across multiple cloud storage locations that the user alone 100% owns and controls, all the while ensuring your data fragments remain encrypted at rest. Cyqur does not have access to any of your data and it doesn’t scrape or share user browsing data. 
  2. Proprietary approach: Safeguards user data by using an immutable, automated, unique, independent, public blockchain proof of record for every access credential secured. User digital profile succession planning is ensured through Custodian of Last Resort.
  3. Breach protection: In case of a breach, hackers only access incomplete and useless data, while you retain uninterrupted complete access to your user credentials that remain protected and safe.
  4. Crypto wallet protection: Specifically designed to provide next-level peace of mind by securing all access credentials to your valuable wallets, including your previous seed words.
  5. Uninterrupted access and credential sharing: Users retain complete and uninterrupted access to their most important data, even offline. 

Limited opportunity to purchase at a discounted rate

Users who purchase Cyqur at this time will receive a 70% early-bird discount (from €48 to €15) for the first year. Users can get their annual license and start securing their cyber data here.

About Cyqur

Cyqur was brought to market by Binarii Labs with the goal of offering a new way of securing data. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, it provides unprecedented security in online data storage, which isn’t reliant on third-party solutions. Whether it’s seed phrases, passwords, NFTs, pins, private blockchain keys, usernames, exchange accounts, hot & cold wallets, or any other access credentials that need to remain safe, Cyqur offers its users this high level of protection.

Cyqur. Patented Password Protection.  


Ciarán McNamee
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