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Gal Vallerius a 36-year-old Frenchman pleaded guilty in Miami federal court, he was a well-known drug vendor by his alias name “OxyMonster” on the underground marketplace Dream Market.

He was arrested by U.S authorities last year when he arrived at united states to participate in world beard-growing championship.

“Atlanta International Airport confirmed his identity as “OxyMonster”. On his laptop was the TOR browser, apparent log-in credentials for Dream Market $500,000 worth of bitcoin, and a PGP encryption key entitled ”OxyMonster” which matched that advertised as “OxyMonster” on Dream Market.”

“The user “OxyMonster” title was marked as Senior moderator. Agents clicked on the user “OxyMonster” and were taken to “OxyMonster” profile on the Dream Market.”

Vallerius pleaded guilty in Miami federal court and the judges impose 20 years prison, but he could reduce the time by cooperating with investigators.

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According to a DEA Vallerius had Twitter and Instagram account and the officials compared the writing of social media account with Dream market account.

Agents discovered many similarities in the use of words and punctuation, including the word “cheers,” double exclamation marks, frequent use of quotation marks, and intermittent French posts,” court documents say.

In court hiring Vallerius said that he started as the vendor selling oxycodone and Ritalin, later he hired to act as an administrator and moderator of Dream Market to facilitate the transactions.

Investigators observed the bitcoin “tip jar” address advertised by “OxyMonster” and they identified around 15 to 17 transactions from tip jar advertised account to the wallet controlled by Vallerius on localbitcoins.com.

Federal agents also seized 99 bitcoins and 121 Bitcoin cash that worth nearly 1M based on the exchange rates.

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