Dark web markets are the ideal place for the criminals to sell various malicious software, login details, financial data at very low cost.

According to the research conducted by moneyguru on Dark web markets, one can purchase someone’s online life at the average cost of £744.30.

There are a number of dark web markets available such as Berlusconi Market, Empire Market, Wall Street Market, Dream, Point where fraudsters selling hacking tools to commit all the types of cybercrime.

These are most Popular Dark web markets that offer tons of hacking tools are completely encrypted websites which we can access through Tor Browsers.


Dark web Markets Pricing

Hackers selling your financial login credentials, banking passwords, debit card details, and PayPal account for £619.40.

Dark web Markets

A wide-ranging selection of financial data is still available for much less than the average amount of interest paid annually by each UK citizen on their individual debt such as personal loans and mortgages MoneyGuru reported.

The online shopping cart login details available at £2.70, one can get the login credentials of Amazon, Groupon, eBay and Tesco for £30.3.

Earlier this month a Dark web forum that advertises the stolen Huazhu Hotels Group for eight bitcoins that are roughly around US$58,000.A recent research revealed that Hackers Selling Variety of Hacking Tools on the Dark Web that Starts from $1.

Days before Facebook security breach came to light, hackers manager to steal more than 50 million accounts access tokens by exploiting a bug in View As a feature.

Moneyguru found that hackers selling the social media account login details starting from £1.60, Facebook credentials £3.oo, Instagram £4.80, Twitter £2.50, and Pinterest £6.50. Hackers also put Email and mobile account data for sale.

Dark web Markets

In last June French authorities shut down the largest and very active dark web marketplace Black Hand known for selling narcotics, weapons, forged documents, stolen bank details, etc.

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